Do you know the hygiene and safety requirements of bathroom furniture?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-04-22
Bathroom furniture is widely used, mainly in hotels, hotels, schools, hospitals, government agencies, factories and mines, office buildings and our ordinary families. Some people may not be very clear about food hygiene and safety requirements for bathroom furniture. Xinhai Sanitary Ware will tell you the basic knowledge of sanitary and safety requirements for bathroom furniture and product acceptance, installation, and use safety requirements, so that you will have a new understanding of bathroom furniture after reading it. understanding. Know. 1. Health and safety requirements: 1) Limit requirements for harmful substances in wood products: formaldehyde emission ≤ 1.5mg/L 2) Radioactivity requirements for stone and ceramic products: the radioactive specific activities of radionuclides radium 226, thorium 232, and potassium 40 should be Meet the requirements of internal exposure index IRa≤1.0 and external exposure index Ir≤1.3; 3) Parts or accessories that may come into contact with normal use should not have burrs, sharp points, sharp edges, and sharp corners; bathroom furniture, living room and bedroom furniture Security requirements are stricter. If the safety requirements of bathroom furniture are included in the rating, it must be the highest level of safety, because it is entirely possible to be naked when washing. When the body is in operation, the safety requirements are very strict, so pay attention to the installation, acceptance and use requirements of bathroom furniture; 2. Acceptance, installation and use requirements: 1) The connection of each part of the product should be firm and tight, and the joints should be flat and free of collapse. Loose phenomenon; 2) The installation of various accessories and connectors should not have missing nails, missing nails, nail penetration, etc. 3) The opening and closing parts should be used flexibly. 4) After installation, each component of the product should have no water seepage or leakage under normal use. 5) After the cabinet is installed, it should be level, and the parallelism with the ground should not exceed 0.7%. 6) The cabinet should be vertical after installation, and the movable parts should not open automatically after being subjected to external force. 7) Lamps, sockets, switches and other electrical appliances should be installed firmly and grounded reliably. 3. Practical health and safety requirements 1. Health and safety requirements: When purchasing the required products, you must ask the seller for a product inspection and testing report issued by a third party; 1) For ceramic bathroom furniture, including tile and stone bathroom furniture, you must also ask for Raw material radioactivity inspection and testing report issued by a third party; 2) Plastic bathroom furniture must obtain a raw material inspection and testing report issued by a third party; 3) Glass bathroom furniture must obtain a raw material inspection and testing report issued by a third party; there should be 3C marks on the glass ; 2. Requirements for acceptance, installation and use: The requirements for acceptance, installation and use of bathroom furniture products must not be missed. In order not to leave regrets and regrets, you must operate as required: 1) Product acceptance is very important. When unpacking, you should first check whether the product is the brand and style you purchased, and carefully check whether the product has any cracks or sharp objects; remember, installation is only allowed if the requirements are met. 2) Installation and use requirements: When the product is installed, it is best to monitor the product installation process throughout the process until the installation is completed. After the product installer has finished debugging, you must carefully check whether the use of the product meets your requirements. Whether the product leaks; whether the moving parts can be opened and closed freely; whether the live product leaks electricity, etc. In short, all the products you buy must be tested, and you will sign for payment only after meeting your requirements; 3. Don't forget to use non-slip floor tiles. 4. Regardless of whether your bathroom furniture is hygienic or safe, opening windows for ventilation is a must.
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