Do you know how to identify the quality of stainless steel cabinets?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-06-08

The cabinet customization editor will introduce the method of distinguishing the quality of stainless steel.

As kitchen cabinet manufacturers continue to release new fashion trends in stainless steel cabinets, households install stainless steel plate kitchen dining room dining room dining room kitchen dining room kitchen overall cabinets and commercial stainless steel cabinets.

Modern sculpture, ecological protection, ecological environment protection, green ecological environment protection restaurants, kitchens, restaurants, restaurants are built again. The design concept of most stainless steel cabinets is simple parallel lines, horizontal and vertical lines, and other decorative lines are reduced to create a texture that expands the entrance.

The stainless steel sink, stove, and range hood have the same data information in the sink, stove, and range hood. Put it in a cooler place and make it feel beautiful. Next, the editor of Henan Cabinet Customization Enterprise will take you to master how to distinguish the quality of stainless steel cabinets.

1. Look at the appearance level: the front door frame should not have height fluctuations, the front door frame should be as symmetrical as possible, and the gap size should be average. The front door frame opens smoothly. There is no noise inside the chest of drawers wooden cabinet solid wood cabinet. The color of the countertops of the cabinets has no color deviation and no flat seams.

2. Look at the raw material of the metal plate material, if the plate is unqualified or the industrial equipment is unqualified, the edge will appear, and it will be degummed immediately after use.

3. Check for explosive edges: Check the front door frame for explosive edges. Open the kitchen door and see if there are adjustment holes on the polyimide film plastic film. The adjustment holes in the polyimide film plastic film are generally uniform, and there are no explosions around the holes. Reliable manufacturers have been professional technical cutting machines, both sides of the buried hole are lubricated neatly, non-flammable and explosive items.

4. Look at each edging strip: each edging strip must deal with the inch thread of the plate. Technical specialists use unusual industrial equipment to seal the edges. Every edge strip made by general automated production lines and small factories is uneven.

5. Check a part of the side: whether the color of a part of the side is the same as that of both sides. Every part has wood scratches. Since edge window seals repair defective edges, it is assumed that the delicate porosity will close immediately after rubbing with vegetable oil.

6. Check the movable system and set drawer cabinets, wooden cabinets, solid wood cabinets, doors and other prefabricated components. The power switch should be flexible and noiseless, whether it has a ground anti-slip treatment solution or an automatic shutdown effect. It is able to check that the hardware used in the merchandise is up to standard. For kitchen cabinets produced by professional and technical manufacturers, there should be a cross bolt connection in the middle of the kitchen door, and the overall firmness is good. The bottom of the hanging cabinet is equipped with horizontal adjustment feet, which can adjust the flatness of the kitchen door and is waterproof. In order to quickly clear the bottom of the cabinet, the active skirting line should be set.

7. Check the suspension system code of the closet: Generally speaking, try to grasp the suspension system code of the closet. Adjustment. Reliable manufacturers use suspension system codes. After the server cabinet is installed, the vertical aspect ratio can be adjusted appropriately. When the kitchen cabinet is disassembled, the screws are full, and the terrain environment of the kitchen cabinet is clean and tidy.

8. The gate frame is equipped with a hydraulic damper to eliminate noise. The drain board and the edge of the stainless steel sink cabinet are exposed with a water storage tank and covered with a sewage ditch, which will have a positive effect on the service life of the product.

Many of the above levels are general areas of how to distinguish the quality of stainless steel cabinets. If you are going to customize cabinets, you can inquire carefully at many levels. If you want to inquire about custom cabinets, please consult the cabinet customization editor!

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