Do you know all the knowledge about choosing bathroom furniture?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-04-15

There is no end to the knowledge of bathroom wall-mounted bathroom cabinets. I also told you a lot of little knowledge and safety common sense, but they are applicable to most ordinary families. I hope everyone can spend their money wisely. I want to give it to you today. Friends who are on a budget or have mines at home, can tell you how to choose some smart or more comfortable furniture in the bathroom, because the bathroom is now a household place, people will use it frequently, take a shower, go to the toilet, wash up, etc., a lot Details that may seem insignificant can't be ignored. It is said that life does not need to be too particular, otherwise it will be very tiring, but with the current technology and development, we should not be too casual about what should be emphasized. After all, that's what we've lived with for a long time. This place is our own home, not only for ourselves, but also for our family and children. It is more concise and convenient to use. Everyone must have had such an experience, that is, when buying furniture, you will choose to buy the best, want to make our home better, and are willing to spend money, so the same reason, why not make your home more reasonable and safer smarter? So today I will talk to you about the little knowledge of bathroom selection, and I hope it will be helpful to you. Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet Manufacturers
Smart Toilet or Smart Toilet Cover A smart toilet or smart toilet cover for home improvement can be purchased, but only if the budget allows it. In the field of smart home, to be honest, there are not many good ones. At the beginning, we were often confused by the superficial functions, but in fact, we bought it and took it home. Unrealistic, and even become a burden on the family. However, smart toilets and smart toilet lids are more practical things in terms of intelligence. Most people are very repulsive until they don't contact them. What is the use of smart toilet? Ordinary toilets are fine. Then after buying it, a smart toilet is acceptable at first, but after a long time, it cannot be returned. Smart toilets are more comfortable, convenient and intimate.

From a functional point of view, smart toilets or toilet lids are not mysterious at all. No matter how the business is blown, there are two core functions that are the most basic and direct pain points. These two functions are essential for seat heating and warm water rinsing. Focus on the key points and give priority to warm air drying. As for other features, I personally think they are optional unless you really like them. The toilet is not a mobile phone, as long as the core function is comfortable and reliable. There is only one word for the experience brought by the function: cool, this is useless, everyone must find a chance to experience it for themselves. if the budget allows
It is recommended that you buy an all-in-one machine, because the integration is higher, the fit is more standard, and it is more beautiful. Of course, through the smart toilet seat, all functions can also be realized, and the budget can also be reduced a lot. Finally, a smart toilet is also a toilet. Don't patronize the word smart and ignore the toilet itself, the glass surface and the flush. Can not be ignored. Of course, overheating protection, leakage protection is a must, safety first.
Want to buy a bathtub to decorate your home? In the previous article, the editor also said that the bathtub is one of the impractical furniture at home, but you still know whether to buy it or not. If you and your family aren't shower lovers, or if you're short on space in your bathroom, then don't waste your money. If you have a small budget but want to experience the comfort of bathing, acrylic bathtub
It's your dish, cheap, exquisite workmanship, only a few hundred yuan, and various shapes to meet your personality. But pay attention to the biggest disadvantage of acrylic bathtubs is that it is difficult to take care of, and stains are easy to stick to it. What is acrylic?
It's plexiglass or plastic. If you are unlucky, the nail remover, hair dye, detergent, etc. you usually use will cause corrosion to the bathtub, and it is more prone to cracks, fading, and embrittlement.

Therefore, in comparison, cast iron and steel enamel bathtubs are much better, the surface is very smooth, dirt and water and alkali are easier to fall off, and washing is more convenient, saving worry and effort. Especially for steel enamel bathtubs, it is difficult to absorb stains and breed bacteria. If you plan to use it for decades, choose cast iron and steel enameled bathtubs are more reliable. The disadvantage is that the price is more expensive and the shape is single. Of course, today I still recommend artificial stone tanks to friends with sufficient budget, which is heat

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