Do you know about exclusive custom furniture?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-27

For a long time before, consumers liked to buy a single piece of furniture, and dealers generally operated a single type or single brand of furniture. Affected by this, most furniture companies mainly produced and sold the same type of furniture products, and To build their own core competitiveness, and achieved good results. However, in the past two years, as the market situation has changed and consumer demand has continued to grow, the operating risks of a single category have become increasingly prominent. On the contrary, overall home furnishing is more and more recognized by consumers, and dealers are also keen on 'mix and match' sales. Under this situation, many furniture companies have followed the pace of the market and developed a series of overall style furniture products one after another. For a time, the market was full of 'whole home furnishing' wind. The direct reason for the emergence of wardrobe customization and overall home furnishing customization is the change in consumer consumption habits. First of all, high-end consumers are beginning to be interested in the overall home.

High-end consumers pay great attention to the taste and overall coordination of the living room, and emphasize that the living room can reflect their own personality and behavior style. Therefore, they are very particular about the decoration design and furniture arrangement of the living room, and like to let the design company regard the decoration and furniture configuration as the Design as a whole. As a result, many design companies began to cooperate with brand furniture companies to provide high-end customers with overall home solutions. Wardrobe customization, the rise of consumer groups such as the post-80s and post-90s also drove the sales of the overall home furnishing. Young consumer groups such as the post-80s and post-90s like to be natural, free and easy, simple and quick, and they don't compare choices everywhere when buying furniture like their parents did. In addition, this consumer group pursues individuality and has a special preference for a certain brand. When buying furniture, they tend to choose different furniture of the same brand in order to create their own small world. This requires brand companies to provide a more complete product line. Furthermore, with the in-depth implementation of the national housing security policy, there are more and more affordable housing and low-rent housing on the market. These houses are generally small in size, and it is difficult to match different brands of furniture, but the overall home can just solve the matching problem.

Moreover, for owners of affordable housing and low-rent housing, the overall home furnishing can solve many of their purchase troubles, such as cheaper purchase prices for the whole set, more convenient transportation, and more coordinated living room layout. There are even some low-rent houses where the furniture is procured through government bidding, and tenants only need to carry their bags to move in. When furniture companies bid, the overall home furnishing is obviously more advantageous. Judging from the future development trend, the overall home furnishing will definitely be favored by more consumers. 'The overall home furnishing is a one-stop operation, which can provide consumers with faster services and products with a more uniform style, and solves many inconveniences for consumers to buy furniture. Of course, it will be welcomed by consumers.' Industry insiders said that a single The impact of products on consumers will become weaker and weaker, which also requires furniture companies to pay attention to overall development and R&D support.

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