Developing an overall wardrobe also pays attention to style

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-06-05

Whether the woodwork in the decoration is made by an on-site carpenter or customized by a professional factory has always been a headache for many decoration owners. Make the most of the space by making furniture. You can have any shape you want, but the style is very rigid and handmade is not conducive to aesthetics. While the style of the finished product has greatly improved, size is the Z's bottleneck. However, many families now opt for whole homes that can be customized and custom-sized on-site for aesthetics and size.

1. Overall style coordination

Now when it comes to custom wardrobes, it is a mistake to think that it is ordinary wood splicing. Now the overall wardrobe also pays attention to the design style. Now many furniture companies are exploring the classification of the overall wardrobe according to the style, and different styles have different prices. This means that in addition to color differences, the overall wardrobe should also pay attention to style matching.

2. Different needs for wardrobe customization

Choose a suitable wardrobe for the elderly and children's wardrobe. In fact, when families with more members choose wardrobes, they can be classified according to different users. The wardrobe in the bedroom of the elderly should not be too high. Even if the height of the wardrobe itself cannot be changed, it should be adjusted as much as possible in its internal space, because the elderly are not suitable for climbing up and down, so the laminate on the top floor should not be too high to facilitate the elderly to pick up things. It is not suitable for the elderly to bend over. Excessive squatting or stooping increases the risk. The height of the drawer can be adjusted appropriately to be more suitable for middle aged people.

Children's wardrobes and drawers should not be pulled too high from the bedroom floor to prevent children from being injured. If the child is older, the drawers can be placed as low as possible for easier carrying, or more doorless space can be left in the lower part for toys and other items the child often carries.

The wardrobe in the adult bedroom should increase the space for hanging clothes to facilitate the placement of frequently changed clothes. In addition, some lattice boxes that are convenient for storing items such as socks, ties, underwear, silk scarves, etc. will make the interior look organized and easy for daily access.

Therefore, a reasonable and correct choice of wardrobe customization has a very important impact on our future living conditions. We should look at and choose correctly.

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