Daily maintenance method of door panel in PVC bathroom cabinet

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-11-09

PVC bathroom cabinet is one of the common equipment in the bathroom of modern family, and the middle bathroom vanity door panel is the most used part. Once the middle door panel is damaged, it will directly affect the appearance of the entire bathroom vanity Sex, then do you know how to do daily maintenance on the middle door panel of PVC bathroom cabinet. Let's take a look at the daily maintenance methods for the door panels of PVC bathroom vanity specially organized by bathroom vanity manufacturers.

1. When the PVC bathroom cabinet is used daily, the opening and closing force of the door panel should be appropriate, and never open and close suddenly.

2. Try to prevent the door panels of pvc bathroom vanity from contacting heat sources, power sources, and water sources, especially direct sunlight, otherwise it will fade;

3. If it is a solid wood door panel, the furniture should be cleaned with water wax;

4. It is best to maintain the pvc bathroom cabinet every half a month, that is, wash and wax, so as to ensure its bright color;

5. The door panels must be kept absolutely dry to avoid deformation due to moisture;

6. Prevent contact with gasoline, benzene, acetone and other organic solvents;

7. When cleaning pvc bathroom cabinets, use pure cotton cloth to wipe the door panels, and use a brush to clean the engraving seams.

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