Customized bathroom cabinets become the industry's 'vane'

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-10

The    brand is not obvious, it is in a trend of contention among a hundred schools of thought

  The single-category category has the strongest development momentum. It will dominate the future bathroom style, but the brand tonality is not prominent. The store design, product style, and brand investment have room for improvement compared with the shower room.

   The market is showing a younger trend, and the new Chinese style and modern style are sought after

   As the post-80s and 90s consumer groups enter the stage of getting married and buying houses, the demand for sanitary ware and other household items has gradually increased. They have gradually become the main group of market consumption, and the whole market is showing a kind of ' 'Younger' trend. Different from the past, most modern young people choose to live separately from their parents after marriage, and decide the decoration style and bathroom vanity style with the young people's mentality. In the past, the parents paid more attention to practicality and durability, but the current consumer trend is more inclined to modern style design with personality and fashion. The style has also changed from European style and American style to new Chinese style and modern style. The best-selling product size of bathroom vanity category is mainly 80-100CM, the price of high-end solid wood cabinet is between 3500-8000, the price of modern cabinet is between 2000-3000, the price of American cabinet is between 2000-3500, and the price of some high-end brands is as high as 10000- 20000.

   bathroom vanity are customized into the industry's 'vane'

   With the continuous improvement of consumer demand, it is difficult for traditional sanitary products to meet the increasing diversified needs of consumers. The mode of guiding consumption with product styles and style iterations is no longer adapted to the development of the market. Stylization and meeting different individual needs are the real trends, and bathroom and home customization is the only solution.

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