Custom wardrobe tips to understand without wasting money

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-31

House decoration, custom-made wooden cabinets need to master some details by yourself, don't expect the interior designer to supervise you, understand it yourself, others want to cheat you, but they can't cheat you, today I will come and talk to you Let me talk about the tips of custom-made wardrobes, understand it, and don't waste money!

1. Select a good board talent

There are many kinds of custom-made wardrobe boards on the market, such as solid wood particle board, solid wood multi-layer board, high-density board, osb board, ecological board, solid wood board, etc. If you choose a solid wood board, you must ask what kind of wood it is, such as cherry wood, ash wood, red teak, nanmu, etc. It is recommended to choose ash wood directly. The ash wood has beautiful grain and the price is relatively moderate. of.

If the cost budget is lower, choose solid wood particle board. For solid wood particle board, you should choose imported EGGER board or Kronospan board. This kind of board is relatively environmentally friendly. EGGER has achieved the Japanese F4 star environmental protection level. The formaldehyde concentration does not exceed 0.3Mg/L, but even if the board is only environmentally friendly, it is not necessary to order too many wooden cabinets to avoid accumulation, and the entire space may exceed the standard.

2. Selection of wardrobe door frame

Wardrobes are generally divided into two types: sliding doors and closing doors. If the space is relatively small, it is recommended to use sliding doors, but sliding doors also have disadvantages. Sliding doors are not as airtight as closing doors. Guide rails are also more expensive.

The shutter door is a more traditional closet door. Basically, there are no defects, and the price is cheaper. As long as there is enough space to open the door, it is enough to organize clothes conveniently.

3. Internal rational layout design plan

The interior layout design of the closet should be designed according to the needs of your family. For example, if your family likes to fold a lot of clothes, then there should be more folding areas; if your family likes to hang clothes, then there should be more hanging areas. If you didn’t mention this If necessary, some designers can just find a template for you and design it, so you need to pay attention to this.

According to the height-to-width ratio of the body, it is generally divided into three major areas: the top area, the middle area, and the bottom area.

The top area is generally difficult to hold, so there is no need to make too many plywood on the top, saving a larger space, which is convenient for placing mattresses or suitcases.

A few more multi-layer boards can be opened in the folding area in the middle area. It is recommended to choose ones that can be adjusted, so that they can be used flexibly in the middle and later stages!

The bottom area can be designed with more drawers, and the drawers can be used to store underwear or documents. All in all, storage and organization are magic tools for storage. It is always right to have more than one!

If there are elderly people in the family who like to watch TV in the house, you can consider the TV into the wardrobe when ordering the wardrobe.

4. Wardrobe storage and arrangement

Now there are many wardrobe accessories, such as some rotating clothes hangers, liftable clothes hangers, jeans racks, these are also selected according to requirements, if your family seldom wears suit pants, there is no need to buy jeans racks, usually jeans are discounted You can just hang it up or hang it up, nothing special to pay attention to, but I personally feel that the wardrobe needs more drawers, the drawers are the most suitable for storage and organization, the drawers can be used to store cotton socks or underwear, so I ordered a wardrobe at home In some cases, you can make more drawers.

Five, the specifications of the wardrobe

The height of the wardrobe: It is recommended to ensure the top design. For example, if the building is 2700mm high, it is recommended that the wardrobe should also be 2700mm high, so that the top of the wardrobe can be used to put unusual mattresses or suitcases.

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