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by:Y&r Furniture     2023-06-02

Customized furniture is the personal exclusive furniture that enterprises need to manufacture according to the design requirements of consumers. It is also a model recognized by consumers at present. Do you know the process of custom furniture? The editor of furniture has sorted out the relevant information of the customization process, let's take a look together.

1. Stake out

Whether you are custom-made wardrobes, TV cabinets, or wine cabinets, each piece of furniture must be laid out by a stakeout artist before production, but stakeouts are generally only used to make special-shaped furniture structures.

2. Material selection and cutting

Generally speaking, the selection of materials in furniture factories is carried out according to the following standards:

①. The texture of the wood material is beautiful, the weight is moderate, and the strength and toughness are better;

② Pay attention to the quality of wood, and eliminate disadvantages such as dead knots, bursts, blackening, mold and core wires, reflecting good material standards.

After that, it is to arrange cutting. Each product is cut according to the size ratio on the drawing. The products that have been cut are first brought to the woodworking workshop to start production.

3. Carpentry

Woodworking is actually a process in which each part of the product is processed from the raw material to the shape and size required by the drawing.

4. Paint

The step of painting is crucial to the effect of the furniture. The smoothness and brightness of the surface determine the aesthetics of the furniture. However, good furniture brands and environmentally friendly products have strict requirements on the use of paint, and even use other technologies or materials to make up for it.

5, palpable cloth

For sofas, chairs or other products that require cloth, the cloth needs to be touched after the paint is finished. The process flow is roughly cloth cutting/sponge cutting-glue spraying-cloth. First, both the fabric and the sponge must be cut, and the sponge After it is finished, put it on the furniture to compare the proportions. If there is a curvature, grind it out, and then fix it on the furniture. Next, spray the glue and touch the cloth. Bra buttons and crystal pull buttons and so on.

6. Installation and packaging

After all the product processes are completed, some accessories and so on must be installed, and the product is completed after the installation is completed. The packaging of the product is also very important to protect the product. Generally, every part of the furniture must be wrapped with pearl cotton, then packed with paper, and then sealed with tape, and then protected by nailing the wooden frame.

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