Conditions that need to be met to create a personalized custom wardrobe

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-06-10

Humanized customized wardrobe creates the standard that needs to be achieved

Wardrobe customization not only refers to wardrobes, but also includes bookcases, cabinets, restaurant cabinets, tatami mats and other customized cabinets. For custom wardrobes, customization is its biggest feature. This customization is to better meet the customer's humanized requirements and maximize the use of interior space design.

Custom-made furniture is constantly developing along with the times, especially the custom-made wardrobe, especially for the younger generation, which is also full of personalized custom-made wardrobes.

The mirrored glass wardrobes that are popular in the market today are the choice of many women. Such a design is relatively rare in the current market, which is also its attractive and unique design. A tall dressing mirror can facilitate women's daily changing clothes and look into the mirror. The material wire frame together constitutes the key decorative design of the wardrobe, which can serve multiple purposes.

The interior space of the locker of the wardrobe is divided very finely, and the internal structure is more effectively partitioned, which can meet the basic needs of the locker. Various clothes can be stacked on the left side of the wardrobe; several pairs of jeans should also be hung on the trouser rack below. On the right are two very large spaces on the left and right. Not only can you stack quilts and winter clothes, but you can also hang long coats, shirts and other clothes that are prone to wrinkles, which is very practical.

It feels very smooth to drive the cabinet door back and forth, and there is no noise. The edge of the cabinet door of the wardrobe is equipped with fluffy dust-proof strips, which can reasonably prevent dust from entering the inside of the wardrobe, making the clothes stored in the wardrobe more clean and tidy.

The drawer cabinet adopts the installation method of the lower guide rail, which can be taken out at will, so it is more convenient to clean. The integrally formed concave groove is the doorknob of the drawer cabinet, which prevents damage to the board when installing hardware.

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