Comments on the disadvantages of oak bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-21

Here are some shortcomings of oak bathroom cabinets:

1. Less raw materials, high cost

As the main sources of oak are Russia and the United States, the import volume from other places is also very small. Therefore, the cost of oak bathroom cabinets is much more expensive than other wooden bathroom cabinets.

2. Cracking

Oak has good stability after drying, but due to its hard wood, the drying of moisture is troublesome and difficult. Poor handling can cause surface deformation and cracking.

Daily maintenance of oak bathroom cabinets:

1. Oak bathroom cabinets belong to solid wood bathroom cabinets. The most fearful thing is moisture and worms, so you can apply a little cooked tung oil to avoid insects and ants during appearance maintenance. Also, we try to avoid heavy objects when we use them. The impact may be rubbing the bathroom countertop. It is best not to use corrosive cleaning agents to clean the countertop.

2. When the bathroom vanity is used in contrast to dryness, it is necessary to adopt artificial wet measures. Wipe the cabinet with a soft cloth dampened with water to avoid the natural evaporation of moisture in the wood and cause deformation or cracking.

3. When transporting the bathroom vanity, it should be lifted and placed gently, not dragged; when placing it, the floor should be uneven, so the legs should be padded.

4. Don't expose the bathroom cabinet under the sun, and don't put it in a dry place, put it in a suitable ventilated place.

5. Scratch treatment on ceramic basin of bathroom cabinet: The surface of ceramic basin should always be kept clean, and dust and sand should be removed in time. When there are scratches on the surface of ceramic basin, a little toothpaste can be applied to the scratched area. Wipe it repeatedly with a soft dry cloth and wax it to make the appearance of the bathroom vanity as smooth as new.

6. Regularly wax oak bathroom cabinets. At least every 6 months or 12 months, use wax to wipe a layer of wax on oak bathroom vanity. Not only can the watermark be removed, but also the white mark can be removed. When waxing, the appearance of the bathroom cabinet can be kept as smooth as new.

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