Choosing a bathroom cabinet is really not easy

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-25

   For us, the daily use of bathroom vanity is nothing more than daily washing and storage of daily necessities, so when we choose, we mainly start with waterproof and storage.

   confirm the drainage method, select the appropriate bathroom vanity

  The wall-mounted bathroom vanity is easy to install and moisture-proof, and the floor-standing bathroom cabinet has a strong storage and looks good. Which one to choose, we must first confirm whether the home drainage is ground drainage or wall drainage.

   Ground drainage is a traditional drainage method, that is, the whole building shares a drainage pipe. If you have this type of drainage at home, it is best to choose a floor-standing bathroom cabinet, which can hide the drain pipe, not only can achieve beautiful effects , And keep the drain pipes not exposed to keep the ground dry.

   wall drainage is a drainage pipe unique to each house. This drainage can choose floor-standing or wall-mounted bathroom vanity. However, if you have a small bathroom in your home, you can save space by choosing a wall-mounted one. At the same time, if the bathroom at home is not separated from dry and wet, choosing the wall-mounted type can prevent direct contact with the ground water vapor and achieve the effect of moisture prevention.

   In addition to drainage, if you choose the wall-hung type, the wall where the bathroom cabinet is installed needs to be a load-bearing wall or a solid wall. The rest of the walls are not suitable for wall-hung installation.

Comparison of    materials, there are plenty to choose from

There are actually many material classifications for    bathroom cabinets. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose according to your own actual situation.

It’s really a question whether    is above counter basin or under counter basin

   The basins of general bathroom vanity are divided into over-counter basins and under-counter basins. The two are still very easy to distinguish, and the difference between the two is very obvious.

   Above counter basin, with various shapes and high value, and easy to install. But cleaning is more troublesome, especially the glue on the basin and the countertop, which is easy to turn black and affect the appearance. If the depth of the basin is too shallow, water will easily splash out during use, and the countertop will become wet.

  Under the counter basin, it does not damage the flatness of the countertop and is convenient for daily cleaning. However, compared with above counter basins, installation, disassembly, and maintenance are more complicated and inconvenient. Water is not easy to splash during use, and the waterproof performance is greatly improved.

The hardware of    bathroom cabinet determines the service life

The performance of    hardware often determines the service life of bathroom cabinets more than the plates used. Therefore, it is best to choose water-proof stainless steel or special aluminum products for the bathroom as the hardware accessories of the bathroom cabinet.

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