Choose 80 or 85 for the height of the bathroom cabinet?

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-08

   Floor-standing bathroom cabinets on the market of bathroom cabinet manufacturers generally have a height between 80cm and 85cm; wall-mounted bathroom vanity generally have a height between 40cm and 50cm, but wall-mounted bathroom cabinets are generally installed at a height It is also between 80cm and 85cm.

  Different reference objects have different installation heights as follows:

  1. The distance between the countertop and the ground: a. Standard for the installation height of floor-standing bathroom cabinets: The distance between the highest point of the bathroom cabinet and the ground is 80 cm ~ 85 cm. b Wall-mounted bathroom cabinet installation height standard: the distance between the highest point of the bathroom cabinet and the ground is 40 cm ~ 50 cm.

  2. The distance between the bottom of the counter and the ground: Generally, the height of the bathroom cabinet should be considered. The normal height of the bathroom cabinet is about 65 cm. Because the bathroom environment is humid, the distance between the bottom of the cabinet and the ground should be at least 15 cm .

  3. The distance between the mirror surface and the person: The height of the mirror surface of the bathroom cabinet is also very important when going out to wash, and most people stand on the mirror surface with their head in the middle of the mirror.

   4. Overall height: If the main body has a height of 50cm, plus the top of the mirror, the height from the ground is about 190cm.

  What should I pay attention to when installing bathroom cabinets?

   1. Make sure that the location of the bathroom cabinet is before paving the floor tiles and wall tiles. It is necessary to confirm the installation location of the bathroom cabinet, because the bathroom cabinet is installed on the wall and requires entrance and drain. Once installed, it is normal It cannot be moved, so determining the installation position of the bathroom cabinet is a necessary condition before installation.

  2. Look for piping diagrams and circuit wiring diagrams when installing, use air flushing to drill holes in the wall, so confirm the key line diagrams and circuit diagrams before installation, if you break the pipes or wiring diagrams, pry open the wall tiles Part of it will cause unnecessary losses.

  3. Avoid bumping. When installing, avoid touching the mirror of the bathroom vanity with the ground. Wrap it in soft cloth or paper to avoid bumping. During the installation process, also pay attention to avoid damage to the cabinet body with things like screwdrivers.

  4. Choose the installation height. The general standard installation height of bathroom vanity is 80-85 cm. From the top of the floor tiles to the sink, the specific installation height is determined according to the height of the family members and even the usage habits, but the standard height The range is the most suitable.

   5. When installing the bathroom cabinet, pay attention to the acceptance of the water pipe connection. After the water pipe is installed, check whether the water pipe leaks. After the installation is completed, a boiling water test must be done to check the strength of the water, and adjust it in time if there is a problem.


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