Cabinet customization is an important choice for the kitchen

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-25

Cabinets are mainly used to store dishes and some sundries in the kitchen. The use of space in the kitchen is very important. Many family kitchens have not been better utilized. This is due to the design of the cabinets. Customizing a good Cabinets can make a kitchen more refined.

Cabinet customization must first determine the style of the cabinet, which must be consistent with the overall style of the home. For example, for a simple style home, it is not recommended to use a wood grain board with too dark a color, and for a classical style home, it is not recommended to use acrylic with a jumping color. In addition, the color and floor plan of the kitchen floor are also very important. Don't use colorful colors, unify the colors of the floor and walls, and the colors should be as flat as possible to expand the field of vision.

Many people choose to customize cabinets in addition to pursuing individuality, but also want to save money, so they do not pursue individuality and cause unnecessary waste. If the budget is limited, don't make unnecessary designs for individuality, which will cause unnecessary waste. If you do too much custom cabinetry, you will not be able to achieve the original intention of saving money and individuality. Redefining the cabinets after the renovation is completed often cannot unify the style, so what style of cabinets to customize should be determined before the renovation. It is especially important that custom-made cabinets must conform to the overall decoration style. If it is a Chinese-style decoration, choosing a panel-style custom cabinet will look out of place.

Custom material selection will not only affect the overall effect of the cabinet, but also determine its service life. So when customizing, pay attention to its material selection. For example, when looking at the back panel, you should choose a double-sided sealing instead of a single cover, because the single-sided sealing back panel is prone to moisture and mildew; when looking at the cabinet board, pay attention to its environmental protection, fire resistance and heat resistance It is recommended to use double-layer decorative boards, and the board thickness should also be 18mm thick, so that the quality is more guaranteed.

The practicality of cabinet customization lies in its basic use value. That is to say, to meet the first needs of most consumers, that is, the basic functions of storage, cleaning, cooking, tidying, oil fume discharge, etc., only on the basis of meeting this demand, can we consider the two needs of aesthetic functions, and then consider Three needs of value expression. If the use function of this set of cabinets cannot be satisfied, then the design of this set of cabinets is defective. The rationality of the overall cabinet design lies in the reasonable layout of functional areas, reasonable materials, reasonable production process, reasonable use of space, reasonable water and electricity settings, and also meet the requirements of ergonomics and installation technology.

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