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Brief analysis of bathroom cabinet style categories

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-09

1. Classical style: Classical style bathroom cabinets can be divided into European and American classic styles and Chinese classic styles.

European and American classical style bathroom cabinets: generally solid wood as the frame, natural veneer veneer as the main body, marble countertops and ceramic or metal basins.

Features: The shape is complex, with beautiful hand-carved flowers, natural veneer and gold and silver foil decoration, etc., and the colors are rich, showing noble, luxurious and retro.

Advantages: Good water resistance and long service life.

Disadvantages: expensive, simple functions, some natural marble countertops will produce radiation.

Chinese classical style bathroom vanity: generally made of pure solid wood, solid wood countertops are equipped with ceramic washbasins or metal washbasins, and are based on Ming and Qing furniture styles.

Features: The shape is complex, with beautiful hand-carved flowers, and the natural and generous colors conform to the aesthetics of the oriental people.

Advantages: Good water resistance and long service life.

Disadvantages: expensive, simple function, single color.

2. Modern and concise style: The cabinet body of the modern concise style bathroom vanity has a common contrast in materials, changeable colors and complete functions. Generally equipped with artificial stone basin, ceramic basin, glass basin and so on.

Features: Simple and elegant, stylish, rich and changeable colors, complete functions, and always apply high-tech products and new technologies to make it more user-friendly.

Advantages: simple structure, easy processing, high standardization, and low price.

Disadvantages: Mostly made of man-made boards, which needs to be improved in terms of environmental protection and waterproofness.

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