Brief analysis of bathroom cabinet structure

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-06

The new cabinet material is the main body of the bathroom cabinet. It is covered by the surface material and is easily overlooked by people. Because the box material cannot be seen on the scale of sight, many people think that it does not matter to use a cheap sheet.

In fact, not any panel can be used as the cabinet material of the bathroom cabinet. Only those special panels that are moisture-proof and breathable can take on this important task.

Introduction to bathroom vanity structure:

Rubber-sealed bathroom vanity are installed with anti-collision rubber strips where the cabinet body is in contact with the cabinet door. The impact force can be well cushioned. A simple discovery can easily eliminate the noise of closing the door. Qi was also turned away. Wrap the edge of the board with a multi-functional anti-collision rubber strip to completely block the invasion of moisture.

Hardware connection Hardware connection parts include slide rails, hinges and other parts. Although they are only some small accessories, they bear the heavy responsibility of opening and closing the bathroom cabinet. Ordinary hardware connectors are more delicate, a little bit of corrosion and rust will cause the cabinet doors and drawers to fail to open or close, and affect the service life of the bathroom cabinet.


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