Bathroom cabinets rise against the trend and attract the attention of the industry

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-05

With the rapid development of the economy, people's living standards are getting higher and higher. In the usual home decorations in recent years, everyone has also begun to pay attention to the bathroom-not only on its function, but also on its function. Its beauty. are produced from this, and this product that combines the charm of furniture and bathroom is attracting more and more consumers' attention. This means that a broad market for bathroom cabinets with great potential is being formed. Therefore, many sanitary ware companies are competing to participate in the bathroom vanity consumption category.

   In order to seize market opportunities, many companies have adopted various strategies, but the most absorbing strategy is the exhibition promotion strategy. The birth of the first China Bathroom Furniture Exhibition provides companies with a great opportunity. It can not only help companies improve their image and build their brands, but also help them attract investment and expand the national market. Therefore, bathroom cabinet consumer companies are paying attention to and participating in this exhibition, and they want to seize the opportunity to take advantage of the event.

   rises against the trend and attracts industry attention

In the overall home decoration, the bathroom decoration is the most difficult part to grasp. However, only need to grasp the key points, it is not difficult to do a good decoration. Among them, choosing a suitable bathroom vanity can give the finishing touch to the unexpected effect. According to industry insiders, bathroom cabinets are a new type of product between furniture and sanitary wares. They have sprung up in just a few years, and competition in the industry is almost fierce. In recent years, although the sales of the building materials industry have encountered certain bottlenecks, the sales of bathroom vanity as a branch of bathroom products have continued to rise against the trend, and have attracted the attention of the industry.

  Many companies compete to set foot in bathroom vanity

   In recent years, whether it is the high-end bathroom brands Albemarle, Grohe, Kohler, or the reasonably popular Langjing, Wrigley, Anwar, American Standard, etc., major bathroom brands have begun to set foot in the consumption of bathroom cabinets, and their sales have increased. It is also very obvious, which has led to the rapid development of their respective brands. The person in charge of a home building materials store said: 'The major sanitary ware brands are adjusting their product lines and gradually increasing the market share of bathroom cabinets. As a result, bathroom cabinets can be seen everywhere, toilets, bathroom hardware and other'conventional' sanitary wares. The product has a rare phenomenon of proportional imbalance.' The current irritability in the bathroom cabinet market is evident.

   In recent years, many sanitary ware companies in Guangdong have stepped up their bathroom cabinet projects. Those major manufacturers of furniture and cabinets have also abandoned traditional industries with relatively low profits under the pressure of fierce market competition. , A lot of changes to the industry to consume bathroom cabinets. In order to broaden the industrial chain, some manufacturers that originally mainly consume shower rooms and steam rooms also OEM bathroom vanity outside, and then rely on the existing sales network to get a share of the bathroom cabinet market.

   Development pattern Guangdong brands dominate

  According to the survey, except for some sporadic small central brands, the vast majority of bathroom cabinet manufacturers are concentrated in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Fujian and other places, and there are also a small number of Shanghai and Beijing. Relying on the advantages of astronomical location, sound industrial chain, advanced design concepts, abundant resources, and strong talent pool, Guangdong has a strong market radiation ability and competitive ability than other provinces. The bathroom cabinets produced in Guangdong are also in the entire home building materials industry. Occupying a clear advantage in sales. A person in charge of a sanitary ware brand company stated that if the distributor is an agent for bathroom cabinets in Guangdong, they will definitely request that the concept of “Guangdong products” be prominently displayed on the outer packaging, otherwise it will be difficult to sell at a good price.

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