Bathroom cabinets can be divided into hanging type and floor type

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-05

   According to different installation methods, bathroom cabinets can be divided into two types: hanging type and floor type. Consumers should choose according to their own needs when purchasing. If you choose the wrong type on a whim, the consequences will be serious. How serious is the law? Let's first compare the advantages and disadvantages of hanging and floor-standing bathroom vanity.

  Hanging PK floor type:

  1. Moisture: Has the bathroom separated from wet and dry?

If the bathroom cabinet manufacturer does not install a shower room in the bathroom and does not realize the separation of dry and wet, it is best to choose a hanging bathroom cabinet. Because the water splashes when bathing, it will inevitably wet the ground. If the floor type is adopted, the direct contact of water droplets will accelerate the moisture and deformation time of the bathroom cabinet, and shorten its service life. Therefore, it is best to use a hanging bathroom cabinet in a bathroom without separation of dry and wet.

  2. Installation requirements: Is the wall a load-bearing wall or a solid brick wall?

   Hanging bathroom vanity, for safety reasons, have strict requirements on the installation wall, which must be load-bearing walls or solid wall tiles. If it is a hollow wall tile, it is difficult to ensure that the bathroom vanity will remain stable and not loose for a long time. In contrast, floor-standing bathroom cabinets have no requirements for the wall and can be moved at will. Unlike hanging bathroom cabinets, once installed, they cannot be changed.

  3. Storage: Who has more storage space?

   Compared with floor-standing bathroom vanity, the suspended 'body' is smaller, the 'weight' is relatively lighter, the floor space is smaller, the moisture resistance is better, and the bottom cleaning is easier. But its 'belly volume' is relatively small, the storage space is much smaller than the floor-standing bathroom vanity, and the items that can be stored are much less.

   Manufacturer: http://www.mejace.net

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