Bathroom cabinets become popular bathroom furniture

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-14

   bathroom cabinet manufacturers: bathroom cabinets become popular bathroom furniture

   In home decoration, the bathroom is easily overlooked by business designers. are relatively popular bathroom furniture in recent years. They are generally integrated with basins and mirrors, and have the functions of storage and grooming. It has a variety of materials, such as clear glass, bright PVC, shiny ceramics and rustic solid wood, but which one is more suitable for your home?

  Moisture prevention is very important

   The degree of humidity in the bathroom is much greater than that of other spaces in the room, especially when the bathroom is connected to the bathroom, the bathroom vanity will inevitably endure the test of mist and water. Different from the bathroom shelf, the bathroom vanity is a relatively closed space. If the moisture-proof performance is poor, it is easy to mold the items stored in it and breed bacteria. Therefore, moisture resistance is the first condition for choosing bathroom cabinets.

   The materials of bathroom cabinets on the market mainly include stone, glass, metal, ceramics, solid wood, board and PVC. In terms of moisture resistance, solid wood and boards have poor moisture resistance. The oak in solid wood is dense and moisture-proof. It is an ideal material for manufacturing bathroom cabinets, but it mainly depends on imports and the price is relatively high. The moisture-proof effect of other materials such as solid wood and board is also good after baking varnish, dipping and other processes. However, the moisture-proof ability of the board may be reduced if the board is in a humid environment for a long time. It should be noted that the original face of the board is difficult to distinguish after processing, and sometimes it is sold as a solid wood product. Consumers should remind businesses to provide materials that can prove its material to avoid cheating.

   In addition to the base material, the metal parts of the bathroom cabinet also have to withstand the test of moisture. Only by choosing a moisture-proof surface galvanized metal or special aluminum products for the bathroom cabinet, the overall moisture resistance can be guaranteed.

   However, if the bathroom is larger or there is a special shower room in the bathroom, there is no need to consider too much in terms of moisture resistance. Consumers can have more choices in choosing materials.

  Environmental protection cannot be forgotten

   The bathroom space is limited, the air is not easy to circulate, and the warm and humid environment is more likely to breed bacteria. Environmental protection is also an important issue to be considered when choosing bathroom cabinets.

   MDF has the characteristics of low moisture absorption, water absorption and thickness expansion rate, and is often used as the base material of bathroom vanity. However, the adhesive added in the production process of MDF will slowly release harmful substances. Consumers should open the cabinet door or drawer when purchasing to check whether there is a pungent smell.

  PVC is a kind of plastic. It has bright color, corrosion resistance, light weight, strong and durable. It is a popular and widely used synthetic material nowadays. PVC bathroom cabinets are quite attractive to consumers because of their moisture-proof and low-cost characteristics. However, it should be noted that since PVC has added plasticizers, anti-aging agents and other auxiliary materials in the manufacturing process to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, etc., its environmental performance is poor, so it should be carefully considered when choosing.

   has its own structure

   bathroom cabinets are divided into floor-standing and wall-mounted structures from the structure. The floor-to-ceiling type has better load-bearing capacity, can provide more storage space, and can better match the overall style of the room. The wall-mounted cabinet has a simple appearance and has the characteristics of a modern home. Because it is not connected to the ground, its moisture-proof performance is better, but the load-bearing capacity is also greatly reduced. In addition, due to the limitation of its own weight, the wall-mounted bathroom cabinet must be fixed on the load-bearing wall.

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