Bathroom cabinets become a 'life-saving straw' ceramics professionals have set foot in

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-14

News from bathroom cabinet manufacturers:

  The boss in the production area of u200bu200bGuangdong Province

   Features: high brand awareness, good product quality, and many additional functions.

   Guangdong, as a famous ceramic producing area in my country, Foshan and Chaozhou both have a ceramic culture of thousands of years, and their status in the arena has been widely recognized. Guangdong is also the province where bathroom vanity first appeared. The earliest bathroom cabinet company was born in Foshan in 1999. With the vigorous development of the bathroom cabinet industry in Foshan, emerging production areas across Guangdong have sprung up. The main production areas of Guangdong production areas are Foshan, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Shenzhen, Chaozhou, Dongguan, and Kaiping. It is the province with the most complete domestic bathroom cabinet industry chain, the most enterprises, and the most well-known brands.

   It is understood that Foshan is a famous porcelain capital, and the number of bathroom vanity companies and product categories are unmatched by other production areas in Guangdong. Relevant information shows that there are more than a thousand bathroom cabinet manufacturers in Foshan. Most of these companies have bathroom cabinet production lines. Some companies that do not produce bathroom vanity will also produce bathroom cabinets in the form of OEM.

   The bathroom cabinet companies in Zhongshan are relatively large, and the number of companies is estimated to be around 300-400. Among them, a sanitary ware company in Zhongshan launched a refrigerator-style bathroom cabinet last year, bringing the bathroom cabinet to a new level in its function expansion, which aroused widespread concern in the industry.

   Chaozhou mainly produces ceramic sanitary ware. In the past two years, many ceramic and sanitary ware companies have joined the production of bathroom vanity, and the number is roughly 115. Thin-side basins are Chaozhou's characteristic products. The production of thin-side basins provides better matching products for bathroom cabinets, making Chaozhou's bathroom cabinet products very distinctive.

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