Bathroom cabinets are classified by material

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-17

1. Solid wood bathroom cabinets: refers to the cabinets made of solid wood after distillation and dehydration as the base material and processed by N water-proof solutions. The countertop can be made of glass, ceramics, stone, artificial stone, and the same material as the cabinet.

Features: The style is natural, simple, graceful and luxurious, which can fully express the owner's home class and identity.

Strengths: The waterproof performance is very good after multiple waterproof processes and paint baking processes are solved.

Disadvantages: bulky, easy to crack if the environment is very dry. Therefore, use a damp pure cotton rag to wipe inside and out frequently during maintenance.

2. Ceramic bathroom vanity: refers to the cabinets made of ceramic bodies that are fired directly from the mold, and the countertops are generally ceramic.

Features: easy to take care of, can fully express the owner's clean and lively rhythm.

Strengths: Durable, stable, good weather resistance, no radiation, no pollution, and environmental protection.

Disadvantages: simple shape, single color, easy to break.

3. PVC bathroom cabinets: refers to the cabinet raw material is PVC skinned foam board, which can be made according to the wood board processing technology.

Features: Excellent waterproof performance, bright and dazzling color gloss of the board after baking paint process, suitable for fashionable and avant-garde consumers.

Strengths: The surface can be solved with paint and can be made of any color, stable in nature, waterproof and moisture-proof.

Disadvantages: PVC panels will deform when subjected to gravity and cannot be restored after a long period of time. Therefore, the basins that these cabinets generally bear are not very large and light in weight.

4. Acrylic bathroom vanity: refers to the acrylic material used for the cabinet body after being softened at high temperature and then cooled and formed in a mold.

Features: Must be processed into various styles of cabinets according to molds. The cabinet body is integrally formed, which can make many peculiar shapes.

Strengths: beautiful surface gloss, changeable shape, excellent waterproof performance.

Disadvantages: high mold cost, fragile texture, and prone to scratches and cracks.

5. MDF bathroom cabinets: refers to the cabinet made of MDF as the base material, and then waterproof solution. The difference between the quality of the cabinet is that the order of the waterproof solution process is different. The difference is big: the material is first cut, It is best to make the cabinet body after waterproofing. Make waterproof first, then cut the material, and finally make the cabinet.

Features: The surface can be solved with veneer, leather, blister, paint, melamine and other materials, and the style is rich and varied.

Strengths: Free splicing, rich shapes, diverse styles, mature surface solutions, and different materials can present different styles and grades.

Disadvantages: The chemical substances contained in the board are harmful to the human body and not environmentally friendly. Poor water resistance.

6. Melamine bathroom cabinets: refers to the cabinets made of melamine veneer panels. Generally affixed to the surface of particle board, density board, multi-layer board and so on.

Features: imitating natural wood grain, clear texture and rich color. The surface is fireproof, waterproof, and has good scratch resistance.

Strengths: The surface is easy to clean, the technology is mature, the processing is simple and fast, and it can be mass-produced.

Disadvantages: water easily enters the edge of the seal, and the water resistance is poor. PVC edges are easy to fall off.

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