Bathroom cabinets and basins are standard for bathroom decoration

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-06

   Many people began to work on decoration this season, because in the summer, it can be breathable, and the high temperature can accelerate the volatilization of formaldehyde, which can make living more comfortable. For the decoration work, the homeowners are also very troublesome, but in fact Many homeowners neglect the renovation of the bathroom and feel that the renovation of the bedroom and the living room is the most important. In fact, there is a long-lived saying in the decoration industry is 'golden bathroom and silver kitchenEspecially the bathroom, which is ranked No. 1 in gold, can be seen. Many of our young people regard the bathroom as the most important place to relax and release themselves, which makes the layout of our bathroom particularly important.

   Manufacturers and washbasins are standard for bathroom decoration. Nowadays, in home decoration, bathroom cabinets are mostly made of wood or metal plates, and then matched with hidden ceramic washbasins, which are standardized products. While pursuing a fast life, I have forgotten that life comes from nature. For personalized bathroom decoration, a unique bathroom counter basin can undoubtedly improve the bathroom decoration level.

   Chinese-style bathroom vanity inherit the traditional tenon and tenon craftsmanship, and walnut wood can show the taste even more. Retro artificial carvings and elegant faucets create a unique bathroom space with a strong retro oriental atmosphere. The new Chinese style is integrated with the unique modern style, so that the Chinese style is no longer so calm, with modern jumping colors, selected imported ebony wood, multiple wood making processes, so that every detail is more rigorous, blooming the unique modern Chinese beauty.

   modern Nordic style wall cabinets, the boon of small apartment, wall cabinets are selected from oak solid wood. Mediterranean blue fills the entire bathroom space with a strong Nordic style. The integrated high-temperature calcined ceramic basin is durable, with hand-carved handles, and the details are full of natural flavor. The combination of modern fashion and classic atmosphere gives people a sense of travel through the world.

   Double-sided basin above counter basin is a must-choice for tasters, as if you are in a paradise, forget the fast pace of the city, and enjoy the quiet outdoor life. Selected imported ebony wood, refined copper casting faucets, hand-painted stone basins, and hollow cabinet design, show the wisdom of ancient craftsmen vividly and exquisitely. Its beauty requires you to taste every detail. Rather than saying it is a high-quality bathroom vanity, I prefer to call it a work of art.


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