Bathroom cabinet size and installation

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-14

1. size:

According to market statistics and surveys, at present, the height of the main cabinet of a normal bathroom cabinet on the market is between 80-85cm. The most common standard size of most bathroom vanity is 800mm~1000mm in length and 450mm~500mm in width (wall distance). In fact, the size of the bathroom cabinet can also be directly customized to the manufacturer according to actual needs. For the finished bathroom vanity, the size is similar, especially the height, while the width of the bathroom cabinet is relatively rich, such as an ultra-small bathroom. The basin can be placed, and there is a wall-mounted porcelain basin, which is not only beautiful, but also does not take up space, and the length is about 500mm. In addition to the commonly used sizes of bathroom vanity, there are also 1200mm long. Some styles with side cabinets can even reach 1600mm in length.

2. installation method

The following installation instructions, I hope to bring convenience to all buyers! Better enjoy bathroom life.

1. Check whether the outside label of the package is consistent with the ordered product, and check the number, color, specification, etc. of the package. Knock open the wooden frame with a hammer, carefully cut open the seal of the package with a blade, and open the package to take out the product.

2. Installation method of the main cabinet of the wall-mounted bathroom cabinet: Measure the position of the holes on the wall according to the hole position and hole distance of the iron plate of the cabinet. Use a hammer drill to make holes in the wall, and then use the existing explosive screws to install the cabinet on the wall. Use a level to measure whether the cabinet can be installed horizontally, and then place the countertop on the cabinet. generally have a height of 80cm-85cm from the ground, which can be slightly adjusted according to the height and habits of the family members.

3. Installation method of floor-standing bathroom cabinet: Install the metal feet on the cabinet body, then put the cabinet in the preset position, adjust the metal feet to make the cabinet stable, and then put the countertop basin on the cabinet.

4. Bathroom mirror installation method: Measure the position of the hole on the wall according to the hole position and hole distance of the lens behind the mirror. Punch holes on the wall with an impact drill, insert the plastic plugs from the wall-mounted accessories into the holes, and then screw the self-tapping screws to an appropriate depth. Finally, put the hanging lens on the self-tapping screws on the wall, and pay attention to the level when installing.

5. Installation method of the auxiliary cabinet and shelf: Measure the position of the hole on the wall according to the hole position and hole distance on the back panel of the cabinet, and punch holes on the wall with an impact drill. Put the plastic plugs in the wall-mounted fittings into the holes, and then use the self-tapping screws to lock the cabinet to the wall. Pay attention to the level when installing.

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