Bathroom cabinet selection knowledge

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-09-29

are not that the more expensive they are, the more suitable they are, but the most suitable bathroom cabinets should be selected according to the space and the already designed scheme. Material, color, etc.

manufacturers: color matching of bathroom cabinets.

The colors of bathroom vanity are even more diverse. In recent years, light-colored bathroom cabinets are still the mainstream. The pure white bathroom cabinets create the elegance and cleanliness of the bathroom, bright and pleasant, revealing comfort and calmness, and the whole color is seamlessly combined with the white of the ceramic basin. The elegant colors make people seem to be in the quiet world. After the cumbersome life, you can enjoy the refreshing nature when you enter this space. All the disturbances are instantly gone, and you are at ease. In addition, the use of translucent mirrors can bring a cool feeling.

The combination of bathroom cabinets. According to the installation situation, there are mainly two types of bathroom furniture: floor-standing and wall-mounted. The floor-to-ceiling type is suitable for modern bathroom with separate dry and wet and larger space. The biggest advantage of the wall-mounted design is that it saves space, is easy to take care of, and eliminates sanitary corners. It divides the space reasonably by arranging multiple elements such as shelves, storage cabinets, and floor cabinets, thereby effectively increasing the storage function of bathroom furniture, and also significantly separating functions such as washing, making up, and changing clothes.

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