Bathroom cabinet purchase is mainly 'moisture-proof'

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-09-28

  The bathroom is humid and the ventilation performance is not good, so how to choose the bathroom vanity when decorating the bathroom is very important.

   Industry insiders said that for bathroom vanity, the moisture resistance of the material is particularly important. The main materials sold on the market are natural stone, artificial stone, fireproof board, baking varnish, glass, metal, solid wood, and wood panel Wait. Wooden and board bathroom cabinets are slightly less moisture-proof and waterproof, and have poor environmental protection. They are not suitable for bathroom vanity. If you buy them, you must ensure that the bathroom is separated from dry and wet. If economic conditions permit, it is best to buy the most environmentally friendly products. For household bathroom cabinets, it is best to choose a wall-mounted style, taller cabinet legs or a style with pulleys.

   In addition, the purchase of hardware accessories, the internal parts of the bathroom cabinet, is very important. Because the hardware is the link that connects the cabinet, poor hardware quality will seriously affect the use. First check whether the hardware handle part is firm, whether the handle size is appropriate, whether the paint on the surface is easy to fall, etc.; open the bathroom cabinet to check the inner hinge part, whether the hinge opens and closes smoothly, it is best to choose a 180 degree, take it The items are more convenient; if the door of the new bathroom cabinet opens and closes, it is best not to buy it, otherwise you will encounter more trouble in the future.

   bathroom vanity should pay attention to the color of the material. The choice of material and color can be based on the overall style of the bathroom and family preferences. For example, choosing light-colored bathroom cabinets can make the bathroom look neat and elegant, and it is also easy to match various bathroom designs of different designs; while dark-colored bathroom cabinets are more resistant to dirt, and if there are some small wear on the surface, it will not appear too obvious; mirror surface The texture of the color can make the bathroom look clear and cool.

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