Bathroom cabinet material selection

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-14

The cabinets in the bathroom are usually used for storing paper towels, shampoo, brushes and other common daily necessities. The cabinet mainly plays a role of convenience and beauty. Guangdong bathroom vanity manufacturers remind that no matter what material the bathroom vanity chooses, it is best to do the waterproofing of the bathroom itself. This is the fundamental. The diversity of materials makes life more fun, thinking based on one's home, life, and habits. There is no best, only one that suits you.

Stone: Most companies will use solid marble, perhaps granite, to make the skeleton and appearance. This stone is cheap and can resist moisture, and high-end can improve the owner's life and taste and decorate the space. Among stone, marble and granite belong to the category of stone, but if hardness is required, it is necessary to choose granite.

Mirror glass: Because the stability of the glass is good, it is not afraid of water. It is also common practice to use mirror glass in this place. Glass is a fragile product. Even after tempering, its disadvantage is that it has poor impact resistance. When it is wet, there are more tears on the surface. The benefit is that it is easy to take care of and can be washed directly with water.

Waterproof panels: There are aluminum-plastic panels, fireproof panels, and lacquered panels, all of which are beautiful and waterproof materials with colorful colors and are mostly liked by designers. For these types of boards, the paint board has poor scratch resistance and more expensive prices, and the others are good. Fireproof panels and aluminum-plastic panels are simple in construction, cheap, colorful, and overall cost-effective.

Metal material: 304 stainless steel, not 202 stainless steel. Because their internal metal content is different, such as titanium gold, aluminum plate and so on. With brushed stainless steel surface, the contrast fits the hearts of the masses, and the accommodating atmosphere is strong. It can be said that the all-match smooth stainless steel is more afraid of scratches, and it is difficult to repair after scratches.

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