Bathroom cabinet manufacturers teach you to choose bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-02

  1. Launching

   Generally speaking, there are two types of toilet drainage: ground drainage and wall drainage. The styles of bathroom cabinets are naturally different due to the different ways of launching. If you choose to drain, then install floor-standing cabinets. The disadvantage of floor-standing cabinets is that they have sanitary corners and are difficult to clean.

   If you choose wall drainage, install wall-mounted bathroom cabinets. The advantage is that there are no sanitary corners, easy to clean, and beautiful. It should be noted here that the ground drain pipes pass through the floor, and the wall drain pipes do not pass through the floor. If there is a water leak in your own home, the neighbors downstairs of the former will be affected, and the latter will not be affected.

  2. Material

   are made of solid wood panels, moisture-proof panels, stainless steel panels and painted panels.

  The solid wood board bathroom cabinet is natural and simple, which can add a warm and moist texture to the space, and it is also atmospheric and beautiful. It has undergone a certain waterproof process and paint treatment, so it has a good waterproof performance. However, it should be noted that solid wood panel bathroom cabinets are prone to cracking in an overly dry environment, and need to be wiped and maintained with a damp cotton cloth.

  The moisture-proof board bathroom cabinet is naturally moisture-proof. It should be noted that some businesses add a lot of moisture-proof glue when using melamine board to finish the surface. The formaldehyde exceeds the standard and is not environmentally friendly.

   stainless steel bathroom cabinets are moisture-proof, mildew-proof, and rust-proof, and will not produce harmful substances, so they are environmentally friendly and very durable.

   paint board bathroom cabinets are rich in colors and styles. The merchants will design colors and patterns on the tempered glass, so there are many choices.

  3. Hardware

  The hardware of bathroom cabinets generally includes hinges, slide rails, pull rods, etc. We must pay attention to the quality of the hardware. Take the hinge as an example. When the hinge is good, the cabinet door can be closed tightly, so as to effectively prevent dust from entering.

  4. Moisture-proof

   Generally speaking, it is better to choose wall-mounted bathroom cabinets or floor-standing cabinets with high cabinet legs, which can effectively isolate the moisture on the ground; the hardware of the bathroom cabinet should be special aluminum products for the bathroom cabinet or moisture-proof Processed stainless steel.

  5. Area

   When purchasing a bathroom cabinet, you also need to consider the size of the bathroom. If the bathroom area is not large, it is recommended to choose a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet, which saves more space.

   If the bathroom area is sufficient, there are many styles of bathroom cabinets to choose from. At this time, we will consider whether to install a double basin bathroom cabinet based on the population of the family. First, the storage space is increased, and second, to avoid the peak use of morning and evening The embarrassment of the family occupying the sink.

  6. Storage

The storage of    bathroom cabinets is also a point worthy of attention. Its internal design is reasonable so that the owner can use it conveniently. Whether it is a closed or open design, it is based on its own needs. If you have a lot of bottles and cans, it is recommended to choose a bathroom vanity with more drawers or a drop-proof design.


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