Bathroom cabinet manufacturers teach you how to choose bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-02

  The bathroom vanity is an indispensable protagonist of the bathroom in the home. It can not only solve the problem of washing, but also meet the needs of storage. According to different installation methods, bathroom cabinets can be roughly divided into two types: floor-standing and wall-mounted. So should we choose floor-standing or wall-mounted? First, we need to understand the characteristics of the two bathroom cabinets (bathroom cabinet manufacturers).

Floor-standing bathroom cabinet: The bottom is in contact with the bathroom floor, which is simple and convenient to install and has a large storage space. At the same time, because it is grounded, it can store heavy sundries.

Wall-mounted bathroom vanity: It is directly embedded in the wall, and the bottom does not touch the bathroom floor. It is more suitable for small apartment bathrooms where the separation of dry and wet is not in place. But because it is light and compact, storage space will be greatly reduced.

After understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the two bathroom cabinets, it is necessary to decide according to the actual situation of the consumer's own bathroom and personal style preferences. Simply put, the following three points need to be considered.

One is the structure of the wall. Only load-bearing walls can be considered for wall-mounted bathroom cabinets, otherwise you can only choose floor-standing bathroom cabinets. Because the bathroom cabinet itself has a certain weight, there are certain requirements for the structure of the wall. If the wall cannot bear the weight of the bathroom cabinet, the bathroom cabinet is likely to fall, posing a great safety hazard. manufacturers.

The second is the space area of u200bu200bthe bathroom. If the bathroom at home is less than 5 square meters, it is recommended to choose a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet. Hanging on the wall, it does not occupy space, is small in size, and is easy to clean. Therefore, for small apartments, wall-mounted bathroom cabinets are a good choice; if the bathroom area is more than 10 square meters, it is recommended to choose floor-standing bathroom vanity. A variety of drawers can double the storage, and a variety of styles are better matched, which looks more high-end, atmospheric and high-end.

The third is the drainage method of the bathroom. Before buying a bathroom cabinet, you need to determine whether the bathroom in your home is wall drainage or floor drainage. Different ways of draining the water determine different styles of bathroom cabinets: if it is floor drainage, it is best to choose floor-standing bathroom cabinets, so that the cabinet can hide the drain pipes, which is more visually beautiful; if it is wall drainage, there is no water pipe. The problem is exposed, so you can choose either floor-mounted or wall-mounted bathroom cabinets.

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