Bathroom cabinet installation guide

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-18

  The bathroom cabinet manufacturer will explain to you the whole strategy of bathroom cabinet installation:

  1. Main cabinet installation of wall-mounted bathroom cabinet:

   First check whether the wall is solid core (otherwise use the floor type), according to the selected hole position, use a percussion drill to punch holes on the wall (the installation surface is 80-83cm away from the ground, or according to The height and habits of the family are slightly adjusted), insert the plugs in the wall-mounted accessories into the holes, and then use the self-tapping screws to lock the cabinet to the wall. You can also use expansion screws to install. After the cabinet is installed, place the countertop and basin Adjust and lay down the wooden hat of the quasi-cabinet.

  2, floor-standing bathroom cabinet main cabinet installation:

   Lay the cabinet horizontally, screw the cabinet foot assembly on the fixing piece through the double-ended screw, and then lay the cabinet flat and place it in a proper position. The cabinet foot should be leaned to the outside as far as possible to balance the cabinet body's stress. And adjust to the level by the anchor screw. Check whether the four feet are stable when placed. If they are not on the same horizontal line, the cabinet body will be unevenly stressed and the lines will be distorted, which will not only affect the appearance but also affect the service life.

  3. Installation of auxiliary cabinets and racks:

   The installation method is the same as the wall-mounted bathroom vanity. Generally, the auxiliary cabinet has a decorative metal buckle. After it is fixed, the metal buckle is installed.

  4. How to install bathroom mirror:

  a. Measure the size of the mirror with a tape measure, and then drill holes in the wall according to the installation specifications at the appropriate position and install the wall plug, and then screw the screws into the wall to the appropriate depth.

  b. According to the two holes on the back of the mirror, set it into the self-tapping screws on the wall.

  5. Installation precautions and maintenance

  A. When assembling, please don't touch the cabinet mirror with the ground. You should put soft objects on it to avoid injury.

   B. During the assembly process, take care to prevent metal objects such as screwdrivers from scratching the surface of the plate.

  C. The water pipe should be connected and checked for drips and leaks.

  D. Keep air circulation in the bathroom, keep the cabinet dry and extend the service life. Avoid dripping water, and wipe dry with a cloth in time if there is water droplets.

  E. When cleaning the cabinet, the cabinet cleaner is best to use a neutral agent, such as: wipe the dirt with toothpaste, wipe with a soft cloth, this is a simple maintenance method.

  F. There are always some liquid waxes for furniture, which are easy to wipe and test. Use a soft cloth when cleaning. Do not use wire, scouring pads, strong chemicals to scrub.

  G. When storing cleaning supplies in the cabinet, it is best to put a layer of plastic pad or small square towel underneath which is convenient for cleaning

  H. Try to keep the space separate from dry and wet to prevent water from being left on the cabinet for a long time

  I, to prevent collisions and scratches from hard objects.

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