Bathroom cabinet design must be tall

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-03

   brand selection

   Although there are many manufacturers of customized bathroom vanity, the quality of bathroom vanity varies greatly. Without understanding the bathroom cabinet industry, you must first find a good brand. Excellent brands have better resources and good after-sales service.

   Sheet selection

The choice of    board is very important, it is the most important part of the bathroom cabinet. From the current point of view, mainly include: solid wood board, large core board, bamboo puzzle board, density board, veneer board, fine core board, finger joint board, gypsum board, trihydrogen ammonia board, waterproof board, cement board, paint-free Board, paint board, etc.

   Due to environmental factors, the key to the selection of the bathroom cabinet panels is mainly because the inside is relatively humid, and the panels must be moisture-proof.

   style selection

The choice of bathroom cabinet style varies from person to person. One thing to note is that the style of bathroom cabinet must be consistent with the style of your own bathroom, so that it looks beautiful and has good overall performance. The bathroom vanity manufacturer Meijiachen Sanitary Ware suggests that consumers should ask the manufacturer's opinions and the opinions of professionals before customizing the bathroom cabinet, and then combine some of their own requirements.

   size selection

   Now the space in the bathroom is relatively small, so you must pay attention to the size of the bathroom cabinet when customizing the bathroom vanity. Generally, the standard size of the bathroom cabinet is 800mm~1000mm in length and 450mm~500mm in width. Since the size of the bathroom is basically the same, the bathroom vanity can also be adjusted according to your own requirements.


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