As the price of wood rises, the bathroom cabinet industry may rise accordingly?

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-29

From the manufacturer of    bathroom cabinets: Although bathroom cabinets have a variety of materials, as far as the current market is concerned, solid wood bathroom cabinets are welcomed by more people. And this year's increase in the price of all kinds of wood has directly led to the price increase of various cabinets and bathroom vanity, which has brought a certain impact to the originally bad market.

  The price of wood has risen, the bathroom cabinet industry may increase the price?

  Timber prices are rising. Among the precious wood species, such as Dalbergia odorifera, the selected materials reported in March are 4,000-8,000 yuan/kg, and the price has reached 9,000-11,000 yuan/kg by the end of August; another example is Vietnamese yellow Pears, driven by the investment boom, the price of yellow pears in Vietnam has risen accordingly. At the beginning of last year, the ordinary Vietnamese huanghuali material was reported to be more than 300,000 yuan/ton. By May, the Vietnamese huanghuali ordinary material was reported to be 500,000 yuan/ton. After October, the quotation was more than 700,000 yuan/ton. From the beginning of 2011 to the present, it has been reported. Soaring to nearly 900,000 yuan / ton, in addition, the prices of common wood species, such as bahua and rubber wood, have also risen rapidly. For example, the price of Bahua board at the beginning of the year was about 12,000 yuan/cubic meter, and by August it had climbed to 15,000 yuan/cubic meter; the price of rubber wood also increased by more than 500 yuan/cubic meter from the beginning of the year. Recently, both domestic and foreign board prices have been increased by coincidence, with the increase ranging from about 10% to 40%.

The price increase of    cabinets and bathroom vanity followed closely. Recently, in several large building materials markets in Hexi, the reporter visited the very sensitive wood prices in the home furnishing industry. It is understood that from last year to August this year, the price of many wood raw materials increased by nearly 15%, and the price of boards followed the increase, and many overall wardrobe products also increased in price, and the increase was also approaching 15%. The 'butterfly effect' produced by it has caused many ordinary consumers to re-choose the guerrillas to customize at the decoration site of their own.

   Anti-rising strategy: look for alternatives to new materials and create 'Linglong cabinets' suitable for young people. Larger and more powerful bathroom cabinet companies can take this opportunity to update and introduce advanced production equipment to increase production Process technology, improve material

The utilization rate of    materials effectively reduces production costs and enhances the company’s ability to 'decompress'.

   is targeted at young consumer groups and launched panel furniture, such as the introduction of panel furniture 'Linglong Cabinet' for small apartment houses, which fully takes into account the needs of small apartments, not only beautiful, practical, but also economical and environmentally friendly. Some people have made a new move. The centralized listing of more and more small and medium-sized apartment houses has also brought market opportunities to bathroom vanity and cabinet companies. Some companies have noticed the huge consumption potential contained in the design of individual cabinets.

   In addition, by looking for new alternative materials, the cost of raw materials can be effectively reduced, and the living space of sanitary ware companies can be expanded. Adding new marketing channels, such as allowing consumers to feel the convenience of home delivery and door-to-door delivery, is also an effective way to improve the ability to resist risks.

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