Are wall-mounted and floor-mounted bathroom cabinets better for home use?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-04-21

How to choose a bathroom cabinet?

In our bathroom space, the bathroom cabinet can be said to be a beautiful landscape. It is the product that can most affect the overall style of the bathroom, and the frequency of daily use is also high. Therefore, when decorating your home, you must buy a bathroom cabinet. To make a good choice, there are two main types of bathroom cabinets on the market: wall-mounted and floor-standing. Many people don't know how to choose when they choose.

Today, I will talk to you about the choice of wall-mounted and floor-mounted bathroom cabinets.

floor bathroom cabinet

As the name suggests, a floor-standing bathroom cabinet refers to a bathroom cabinet whose bottom touches the ground. The installation of this kind of bathroom cabinet is not restricted by the wall, so it is more convenient to move and install the cabinet. Meanwhile, floor-standing bathroom cabinets tend to be larger. Relatively speaking, the storage space is larger, the center of gravity is more stable, and the carrying capacity is better.

Of course, floor-standing bathroom cabinets also have disadvantages. For example, because the bottom of the bathroom cabinet is in contact with the ground for a long time, and the bathroom space is relatively humid, the bottom of the floor-standing bathroom cabinet is prone to moisture. s Select. At the same time, due to the large size of the floor-standing bathroom cabinet, the space occupied in a small bathroom will appear smaller and more depressing.

wall mounted bathroom cabinet

The wall-mounted bathroom cabinet refers to the bathroom cabinet whose bottom is suspended and installed on the wall through metal connectors. Its advantage is that the bottom is suspended, so there is no hygienic dead angle. Relatively speaking, it is more convenient for sanitation and cleaning, and it is not easy to be affected by moisture and mildew, and is suitable for various bathroom styles.

Of course, the installation of this type of bathroom cabinet is more troublesome than the floor-standing type, and it also has certain requirements for the wall. Walls are generally load-bearing or solid walls. In addition, its load-bearing capacity is weaker than that of floor-standing bathroom cabinets.

To sum up, if the bathroom area is small, wall-mounted bathroom cabinets are recommended, which are beautiful and refreshing, and easy to clean; if the bathroom area is large, floor-mounted bathroom cabinets are recommended, which are easy to install and more functional. Finally, it is very important to choose a bathroom cabinet that suits you. Not only should you choose according to the size of the bathroom, but also pay attention to the overall style, remember to do a good job in style matching.

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