Analysis of precautions for bathroom cabinet installation

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-17

  The bathroom cabinet is an important part of the bathroom storage. It is an important place for storing toothpaste, cosmetics and other items. In addition, the bathroom often uses water, which leads to very humid in the bathroom. If there is a problem with the bathroom vanity decoration, it is here In a humid environment, the original shape will soon be revealed, so what should I pay attention to when installing the bathroom cabinet? Let me tell you about it below.

  The board should be waterproof, moisture-proof and environmentally friendly

The cabinet of    bathroom cabinet is an important part of the entire bathroom cabinet. If the bathroom cabinet is to be used more durable, the material selection of the cabinet cannot be ignored. The cabinet of the bathroom cabinet should be waterproof, moisture-proof, healthy and environmentally friendly. You can use composite panels such as fireproof panels, wear-resistant panels, and high-molecular polymers as the cabinet surface materials, which have good moisture resistance and durability.

  The surface of the back panel is painted smooth and sealed

   Because the water vapor in the bathroom is very heavy, and the water is permeable, it is very important that the back of the bathroom cabinet that we do not pay attention to is waterproof. The coating of the back panel of the bathroom cabinet is very important. It can completely avoid the exposure of the MDF substrate. With this layer of protection, water will no longer have the opportunity to enter the board from the back of the cabinet. Pay attention to the surface paint of the back panel when purchasing. Is it smooth and well sealed?

  The hardware needs to be treated with moisture-proof

  The hardware connectors include slide rails, hinges and other parts. Although they are only some small accessories, the quality of the hardware directly determines the overall quality of the bathroom cabinet. Once the hardware is corroded and damaged, the entire bathroom cabinet The service life is almost at the end, so all the metal parts of the bathroom cabinet are stainless steel that has been treated with moisture-proof treatment or special hardware for the bathroom cabinet. Only in this way can the moisture resistance be guaranteed. The opening degree of the bathroom cabinet hinge is also more important. When the opening angle reaches 180 degrees, it is more convenient to pick and place items; the more precise the hinge, the tighter the cabinet door will be closed, and the less likely it is for dust to enter.

  Waterproof rubber mat prevents condensation from soaking

   There are also many cases where hot water is used in the bathroom. After the hot water is used, a lot of condensed water will be generated. This condensed water can easily flow along the countertop to the bottom of the cabinet and cause the cabinet to deform. At this time, it is necessary to add a layer of waterproof aluminum foil or rubber pad to prevent the invasion of moisture. At the same time, the rubber pad also has a good anti-collision buffer effect.

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