Analysis of market characteristics of bathroom cabinet industry

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-07

   At present, my country's bathroom vanity industry has the following characteristics:

   First, the development is uneven and regional; second, the competition is very fierce, which has brought a fierce degree, entering the era of meager profit; third, it is more and more difficult for small and medium-sized brands to survive, and they will eventually develop into several major brands The pattern of monopoly.

   At present, in addition to the scattered local small brands across the country, most bathroom vanity manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Sichuan and Fujian. There are also a small number of Shanghai and Beijing. . Guangdong and Zhejiang rely on the advantages of geography, industrial chain, talent technology, resources, logistics industry and other advantages, and the radiation ability, competitiveness and influence of products are far greater than those of other places. In the above-mentioned places, the bathroom vanity in Guangdong Province have the most advantages and competitiveness. If some dealers in Jiangsu and Zhejiang are agents of brands from Guangdong province, they must be marked with Guangdong origin on the outer packaging, otherwise they will not be able to sell them at a good price.

  The competition in the bathroom cabinet industry is very fierce, almost to the point of intensifying. Mainly manifested in the following aspects:

   1. It is the industry summit with the highest grade, the largest scale and the most professional level in the sanitary ware industry. The annual Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition and the Guangzhou Building Materials Stand can be regarded as a barometer of industry development. Don’t you see bathroom cabinet exhibitors occupying more than half of the booths are enterprises from Guangdong and Zhejiang.

  2. There are many manufacturers of bathroom cabinets. In the industrial zone where the author is located, there are dozens of manufacturers of bathroom cabinets of various sizes. Some investors are in full swing to build factories, purchase equipment, and prepare for the bathroom cabinet project.

  3. Today, when online marketing is becoming more and more popular, the virtual trading market on the Internet is also full of smoke. As long as you turn on your computer to go online, promotional materials and advertisements from manufacturers of bathroom vanity of all sizes are flooded with influx.

  4. In the building materials market everywhere, there are many brands of bathroom cabinets of all sizes. A friend of the author once said that in various building materials markets in Shenzhen, some products may be lacking, but there is no shortage of bathroom cabinets.

  5. In terms of price, the price of bathroom cabinets has dropped to a heinous level. A set of 600*480 solid wood bathroom cabinets sells for $50, which is really cheap.

   The main reasons for the flooding of the bathroom vanity industry are mainly as follows:

   1. The threshold for the bathroom cabinet industry is too low, and the investment in fixed assets is not very large. Some workshop owners dare to try a half-bathroom cabinet factory for 80,000 yuan.

  2. The bathroom cabinet product has low technical content, simple production process, and does not even need molds. It is a typical labor-intensive industry. Some small handicraft workshops hire a few carpenters and painters, and they will leave the bathroom cabinets. Of course, the quality of the products is another matter.

   3. Some investors did not make detailed investment budgets or conduct market surveys to follow up and invest blindly.

   4. Some manufacturers in the furniture and cabinet industries have switched to the production of bathroom vanity due to fiercer competition and lower profits in the furniture and cabinet industries.

   They have a place in the market by virtue of their own technology and equipment advantages. Some manufacturers of shower room, steam room, leisure bathroom and ceramic basin, in order to broaden their industrial chain and make their products have complementary advantages, they either go to outside factories to OEM or make their own, and they have also started the bathroom cabinet project one after another. They rely on their existing market sales network to enter the market.

  5. The 'chicken rib manufacturers' who are struggling to survive are hovering in the bathroom cabinet industry, struggling to survive in the cracks. I have already started this project, but because there is no follow-up funds, a stable sales network has not been established, or there is no financial means to establish a sales network, or other reasons are frustrated, it is temporarily unprofitable to continue to do it, and it is not profitable to withdraw from the market competition. pity. In order to survive, dying and struggling, there is a big price war, and a large number of low-priced products are put into the market, which disrupts market conditions and the order of competition, and creates vicious competition.


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