Advantages of stainless steel bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-11-06

1. The stainless steel bathroom cabinet cabinets are all made of high-quality stainless steel plates to ensure that the cabinets will never rust and can be used for durability.

2. 100% waterproof and 100% moisture-proof due to the unique corrosion resistance of stainless steel. Therefore, the stainless steel bathroom vanity can have the same outstanding waterproof and moisture-proof characteristics as the stainless steel tableware I use daily.

3. The hardness and strength of stainless steel material ratio are incomparable to wood and PVC bathroom cabinets. Therefore, the long-term use of the cabinet body deformation and durability characteristics are incomparable to solid wood cabinets and PVC cabinets.

Fourth, environmental protection and hygiene.

All the manufacturing and processing techniques of stainless steel bathroom cabinets never use any paint, plastic and other materials that may release toxic gases such as formaldehyde and benzene. In summary. For some big-brand bathroom vanity, the paint and other materials are incomparable to wood cabinets and PVC cabinets in terms of paint and other materials. As wood and PVC bathroom cabinets, the exterior color of bathroom cabinets mainly depends on spray paint. If it is produced by some small factories or perhaps counterfeit and inferior, the quality will be unimaginable, and the control is relatively strict and relatively safe. Knowing that, based on solid scientific evidence, even longer, the release cycle of formaldehyde and benzene will be as long as 10-20 years. Encountering a humid, humid and poorly ventilated bathroom environment will cause greater harm. Therefore, if you buy unqualified wood and PVC bathroom vanity, the harm caused by gas bombs in your family is unimaginable.

5. Will not mold or rot. It is well known that wooden cabinets rely on the maintenance provided by the exterior paint layer to isolate them from the outside air to ensure the drying of their wood. In daily use, the wood will not cause moisture, mildew and decay. Even normal wiping over time will cause the paint layer to become thinner or fall off. It will directly cause this kind of mildew. The stainless steel material does not need to rely solely on its own perfect characteristics to prevent mildew, and the process will be aggravated. It will not rot, and the maintenance layer on the surface of the wooden cabinet and PVC cabinet is mainly to protect the material from moisture damage. Art treatment is mainly for modification.

6. Fashionable design and novel styles of stainless steel bathroom vanity are now continuously introduced due to advanced processing equipment.

The appearance design is as fashionable and novel as the wooden cabinets and PVC cabinets, and the corners are sharp and not easy to polish, and many other difficulties. It has even surpassed; the corners are polished to make the corners round and smooth, and the craftsmanship. Even the arc-shaped cabinet corner bathroom vanity designed with the toughness characteristics of stainless steel plate is unable to do with wood and PVC materials, making it durable and firm beyond all bathroom cabinets on the market.

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