Advantages of PVC bathroom cabinet

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-11-09

1. Artificial marble countertop

Briefly talk about artificial marble. The countertop of artificial marble is bright, without pores, beautiful in color, with certain transparency, sufficient strength, rigidity and hardness; especially good impact resistance and scratch resistance. Moreover, the influence of weather will not make it aging, the size is stable, and it is not easy to deform, which can support the overall performance of the entire cabinet. No harm to human body, non-toxic, non-permeable, easy to process, color can be adjusted at will, shape can be cut and spliced u200bu200bat will, leaving no traces and other advantages.

2. Easy to clean and hygienic

The bathroom cabinet is suspended, and its biggest feature is that it can make better use of customers in a relatively small bathroom space, and play a role in saving space. It is easy to clean and effectively cleans the sanitation in the dead corner; there are open parts and closed drawers, which can easily place small things that are prone to moisture; the so-called sparrow is small, but it has all the internal organs.

3. Humanistic elements

Humanistic design: The design of PVC bathroom cabinet is a bathroom vanity made from the analysis of consumer needs. Small details can also be grasped for customers. For example, cabinet feet, traditional product cabinet feet are flat with the cabinet body Yes, and Shouya PVC bathroom vanity install the cabinet feet 8 cm away from the inner side of the cabinet, which can ensure that the customer's bathroom has a foot line, and the cabinet can be better installed.

4. Suitable for beautiful side cabinets

The design of the side cabinet is beautiful, simple and fashionable, which not only meets the various needs of customers in the process of use, but the most important thing is that its design concept can bring customers to face their beloved every day. The mood is more pleasant and relaxed.

5. Hardware accessories

Hardware accessories are an important part of bathroom cabinets, which directly affect the overall quality and application functions of the cabinets. Therefore, users should carefully inspect the hardware accessories when purchasing, so that the service life of the product can be affirmed and consumers can use more rest assured.

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