Advantages and disadvantages of hanging bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-04-18

The appearance of the bathroom cabinet solves the problem of less storage space in the bathroom. Bathroom cabinets can be divided into hanging bathroom cabinets and floor bathroom cabinets according to the installation method. What are the advantages and disadvantages of hanging bathroom cabinets? The following editor will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of hanging bathroom cabinets for everyone, let's take a look! wall mounted bathroom cabinet
Advantages of hanging bathroom cabinets:

1. Prevent moisture from entering the cabinet. The empty cabinet below diffuses the moisture on the ground to reduce the intrusion of moisture and prolong its service life.

Second, the price is cheap and the styles are diverse.

Three, increase the sense of space. Wall-mounted bathroom cabinets can make a small bathroom feel less cramped.

Four. Good hygiene and cleanliness. Because the lower part is suspended, it is more convenient to take care of, and there are basically no hygienic dead ends.
Disadvantages of hanging bathroom cabinets:

1. The bathroom cabinet should be installed with a load-bearing wall or a solid wall, otherwise the other wall cannot bear the weight of the bathroom cabinet, which will cause the bathroom cabinet to loosen or fall. Do not place heavy objects on the wall-mounted bathroom vanity.

2. The wall-mounted bathroom cabinet should be placed at a high place, and it is inconvenient to take and place items.

Three, the installation is more troublesome. In principle, it is best to choose a wall row when draining, which is more beautiful. If you choose a floor drain, it is easy to see whether the downpipe is hanging below, which directly affects the appearance.

The above is the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of hanging bathroom cabinets, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more home improvement knowledge, please continue to pay attention to receiving orders.

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