Advantages and disadvantages of custom wardrobe

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-20

The wardrobe is a common piece of furniture in the home, and it is also the key piece of furniture for storing and organizing clothes. When choosing a wardrobe, most people care about brands very much. Different brands have different effects, but generally the quality of brands will be higher. The advantages and disadvantages of custom wardrobes and how to use custom wardrobes.

Advantages and disadvantages of custom wardrobe

(1) save space

Customized wardrobes can be designed according to the requirements of the community owner. After being put into the home, the wardrobe will feel like it is recessed into the wall. Not only can the inside be divided into hanging wardrobe space and storage space, but the top space can also be used for quilts or children's play games. small toys. If the bedroom is large enough, you can also use the overall wardrobe to design a walk-in closet, and set a stylish sliding door on the outside to form a separate wardrobe space.

(2) Economical and affordable

The advantage of custom-made wardrobes is that they can be effectively designed according to the specific space, which saves a lot of space and reduces the consumption of raw materials.

2. Defects

Customized wardrobes require manufacturers to carry out independent manufacturing, so the production cycle is relatively long, generally around 20 days. Moreover, custom-made wardrobes require designers to communicate with customers to produce engineering drawings and decorative renderings, etc. It takes more time to complete the whole set of steps than to buy finished wardrobes directly.

How to use custom wardrobe

The installation of a custom-made wardrobe is generally divided into 4 steps, which are respectively installing screws, buckling locks, forming the cabinet body, and installing door panels. The following is a detailed introduction of the main contents.

1. Screw on

Before installing the custom-made wardrobe, put the screws into the holes that have been made on the board. The screws should divide the board vertically and evenly, and the screws should be just flush with the hole surface.

2. Buckle lock

Next, assemble the boards according to the position of the screws, and press the scaffolding fasteners into the pie holes to rotate and lock them. During this process, pay attention to the order of boards to avoid repeated pieces.

3. Form the cabinet

After locking all the scaffold fasteners, the side panels must be nailed. Finally, place the cabinet door in time, and seal the gap between the cabinet door and the wall with a sealing strip.

4. Install the door panel

Install the door hinge in the hinge hole of the door panel, then install the door panel, and adjust the door hinge to make the door panel neat and the door frame even. Install clothing and other hardware, apply glue to the surface of the wall, do a good job of cleaning services, and proceed with the installation of wardrobes.

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