Advantages and disadvantages of custom wardrobe casement doors and sliding doors

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-31

I believe that every family cannot do without a wardrobe when decorating. Different clothes are required throughout the year. Pack several outfits for a season, plus shoes and hats. Therefore, the storage space design of the bedroom is still very important. So, the wardrobe at home needs a swing door or a sliding door. So custom wardrobe is a good choice.

1. Flat door wardrobe

1. Advantages of flat door wardrobes

Slab doors were also commonly used in the past. Generally speaking, after opening the closet, the things in the closet can be seen at a glance. It may be more convenient and easier to find things. In addition, the inside and outside of the cabinet door with swing door can also be used sometimes. It is more common to install rearview mirrors on the inside of the swing doors. After choosing your clothes, you can also look in the mirror and dress up. The sealing performance of the swing door is better, and it is not easy to get dust and moisture.

2. Disadvantages of wardrobe swing doors

When the wardrobe is open, it needs to take up some external space. I'm afraid this is not very suitable for bedrooms with relatively narrow spaces. In addition, the general revolving door cabinet door should not be too high. If it is too high, it will be divided into two doors.

Two, wardrobe sliding door

1. Advantages of wardrobe sliding doors

The sliding door is more convenient to push and pull, and the door does not need to take up extra space, which is more suitable for small families. In addition, there is no problem with the top of the cabinet door with a sliding door, and the overall texture is stronger.

2. Disadvantages of wardrobe sliding doors

There is a gap between the two cabinet doors of the sliding door, the moisture-proof performance may not be very good, and the slide may be prone to dust accumulation. The doors only open halfway at a time, so if you're not a hardworking guru, finding things might be more of a hassle. Generally speaking, if there is enough space in the home, it is appropriate to choose a revolving door; if the family space is crowded, it is recommended to choose a sliding door. Of course, there are also some homes that have a lot of space. You choose sliding doors due to personal preference. If you have things organized during the workday and the environment is not very humid, of course, opting for sliding doors is also very good. So custom wardrobe can meet your bigger needs.

Custom wardrobes are now mainstream. But when we choose a custom wardrobe, we must look at it reasonably and dialectically. Make the most of it.

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