Acceptance of the appearance of home improvement bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-11-03

For the acceptance of home improvement bathroom vanity, first of all, it is natural to start the inspection and acceptance from its appearance. For the acceptance of the appearance of home improvement bathroom vanity, the bathroom cabinets are required to have size, color, gloss and verticality. Of course, these are based on their own design and requirements to see whether they can reach the standard. Next, the bathroom vanity manufacturer will introduce to you how to check and accept the appearance.

1. Seeing that the gloss is better

are often made of base materials and painted surfaces. Therefore, the construction and quality of the paint determine the gloss of the bathroom cabinets. The surface of the cabinet must be smooth and free of particles, roughness, oily, whitening, and fogging. Therefore, the previous processes such as sanding and primer must be in place, otherwise the topcoat will not be able to cover it. And the primer must be completely dry, and there should be no back-sticking phenomenon. There must be no scratches, scratches, stains, pinholes, spray marks, etc. on the surface of the topcoat.

2. Pay attention to vertical flatness

In addition to clear appearance requirements such as size, color, gloss, etc., everyone should not forget the vertical flatness of bathroom cabinets. Regardless of whether it is floor-standing or hanging, you must pay attention to the vertical flatness of the bathroom cabinet. The horizontal error is required to be within ±1.5mm, the diagonal error is within ±3mm, the cabinet is stable, and the sanitary products placed on it will not shake.

3. The cabinet size should be measured well

For the size of the cabinet to be accepted, of course, it is mainly based on the standard agreed between the owner and the construction personnel. The size of the bathroom cabinet is mainly to measure several important indicators of the bathroom vanity with a tape measure, a caliper, etc., such as: length, width, high-level .

4. Minimize the color error

Acceptance of bathroom vanity color requirements mainly depends on the color depth error and the color error of the splicing place. Generally speaking, the color acceptance requirement of bathroom cabinets is to maintain the same color and there should be no difference when inspected from 500mm.

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