Above counter basin, under counter basin, semi-recessed basin, integrated basin of bathroom cabinet

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-11

   1. Above counter basin. As the name implies, it refers to a kind of washbasin where the washbasin is made on top of the bathroom cabinet. The appearance of the over-counter basin is much better. There are many styles to choose from, round, oval, square and special-shaped. But it also has shortcomings, that is, it is harder to clean, and there are often dead ends. In addition, glue is needed where the basin and the countertop are in contact. If the glue is not good enough, it will be mildewed after a long time.

   There are three dimensions for bathroom vanity manufacturers to use above counter basins: one is the height of the bathroom counter top, the height of the counter basin is generally between 100-200mm, and the total height of the bathroom cabinet plus the counter basin is 820 -850mm is suitable. Therefore, if the bathroom cabinet is equipped with an above counter basin, the height of the bathroom countertop is usually about 750mm. The second is to choose the faucet in line with the basin. Try to buy it at the same time to avoid wrong height selection. Generally, the height of the faucet matching the above counter basin is 150-200mm or more. Third, the depth of the bathroom cabinet is 450-500mm.

  Second, under counter basin. It refers to a type of basin that is made under the countertop. Compared with the above countertop, it has fewer options. Because it is hidden under the countertop, the aesthetics will be compromised, but its advantage is hygiene. It's easy to clean, usually take a rag and wipe it easily to get rid of water stains. The height of the bathroom cabinet using the undercounter basin is suitable to be 850mm high. Of course, if you want to combine the height of the family, you can also customize it. The depth of the under-counter basin is generally 550-600mm, and the under-counter basin is also a form widely adopted by everyone.

   Three, semi-inlaid basin. Perhaps fewer friends have heard of this name. It is often used in narrow toilets, and will be selected when the size is not enough. The shape of the semi-inlaid basin is mostly square and round. Because of its special craftsmanship, the aesthetics also have certain limitations. The recommended width of the bathroom cabinet is 350mm when used as a semi-inlaid basin.

   Four, one basin. This kind of basin is now more popular. It is to make the largest basin and cover the entire bathroom counter surface. This kind of basin can eliminate dead corners to the greatest extent and make the toilet clean and well taken care of. Of course, its appearance is also online.

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