A comprehensive analysis of bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-11-04

   Countertops and Basins

   Acrylic countertops, ceramic countertops, natural marble countertops, artificial stone countertops, glass ceramics and acrylic countertops are mostly integrated with countertops and basins on the market.


   The styling is easier, and the style and color are more variable. The disadvantage is that it is easy to scratch and the price is slightly higher. At the same time, it is not recommended to use colored acrylic. The market feedback has more problems with fading.


   technology is relatively mature, alkali resistant, acid resistant, high temperature resistant, never fade (of course, provided that the firing temperature exceeds 1200 and the materials used are good), and it is quite convenient to take care of. The disadvantage is that the quality of ceramic pots on the market is uneven, and it is generally difficult to distinguish.

   Here, by the way, let’s talk about the method of comparison:

   1. The size is similar, and the heavier is the top grade (high density).

  2. The whiter the glaze is as close to 'bone china' as the texture is better (the glaze is of good quality).

  3. Knock, the clearer the sound, the better.

   4. Check the back side (the side with no glazed surface), and look closely to see if there are any small cracks (fire cracks) in the embryo body. Generally speaking, it cannot be completely avoided. Generally, it is necessary to glaze to fill the cracks. If the mending part proves that the quality is not stable.

  5. Feel the smoothness of the glaze surface by hand, especially the glaze surface in corners, shapes and other details.

   natural stone and artificial stone

  Natural stone and artificial stone countertops are suitable for custom sizes. They have unique advantages compared to prefabricated types (ceramics, glass, acrylic). The pattern selection is easy to match, and they are often combined with ceramic countertops.

   In addition, it is recommended to choose a pattern, the color should not be too light, it is easy to take care of and look good.

   There are also artificial stone countertops + basin integrated, such as imitation jade basin. This kind of basin is more difficult to process and the price is higher. Please pay attention when buying, do not choose the texture close to acrylic (it looks like Resin plastic), choose a texture close to marble.

   I have seen acrylic-textured 'imitation jade basins' on the market. After more than a year and less than two years, there is a phenomenon of blistering. It is estimated that this technology is not very mature, so everyone buys it Be careful to avoid it when you do.


   Glass countertops are also available in a variety of colors, but I don’t recommend them. First of all, the grade feels lower (just bought it will look better), it is easy to scratch, dirty and difficult to take care of. Quite collapsed.

   Above counter basin? Taichung Basin? Counter Basin?

   Above counter basins and Taichung basins are more beautiful and decorative, but water stains are unavoidable, and the countertops cannot be washed directly. It will be more troublesome to take care of.

  The under-counter basin is easy to take care of. If there is a water-retaining trough on the side, it can’t be easier to clean up. The corresponding sacrifice is of course decoration.


  PVC bathroom cabinet

  PVC material has good water resistance, relatively cheap price, can be shaped, and has a good paint texture, but PVC has poor load-bearing capacity, is easily deformed and cannot be restored, and most of the door hinges cannot be nailed a second time.


   MDF, multilayer board, solid wood finger-joined board as the base material, woodworking or customized, the surface is treated with baking varnish, skinning and painting and other waterproof processes, which have high requirements for edge sealing, and the paint surface is damaged or After cracking, the water vapor intrusion life will be greatly reduced. It is only recommended to do it in the dry zone.

  Solid wood bathroom vanity

  The solid wood is made by distilling dehydration and then water-repellent treatment (brushed with multi-layer varnish), with various shapes and high grades, and the price is generally very beautiful. Suitable for areas with relatively dry climate.

   The unique plum rainy day in the south + north wind cooling two sets of consecutive hits are too severe for the test of solid wood. If the display area is relatively ventilated, the location is large, and the cabinet needs to be decorated with more decoration, and the budget is sufficient, solid wood cabinets are a good choice.

   stainless steel bathroom cabinet

   Stainless steel is also divided into different specifications. 201# stainless steel is not recommended (one-meter cabinet sets are often less than 1,000 yuan), and 304# stainless steel is preferred. The two stainless steel plates are filled with foam or other light materials. After welding and sealing, the surface is thermally coated with color patterns and multiple colors, but the shape is relatively single and it is difficult to have a high-end design, with the best waterproof and durability.

   Aluminum alloy bathroom cabinet

   is similar to stainless steel, double plate + filler + welding edge, surface thermal film pattern, multiple colors (multiple imitation wood grains optional), single shape, water resistance and durability are not as good as 304 stainless steel , But the price/performance ratio is relatively high.

  Brick bathroom vanity

   is similar to brick cabinets. It can be made of square bricks + surface tiles or direct tiles as columns. It has good water resistance and durability. The cabinet doors are usually fixed by drilling holes + plugs + screws. The disadvantage is that it occupies a lot of space and cannot be used as a hanging type.

   stone bathroom cabinet

   is similar to brickwork, the construction is relatively simpler, but there are not many people doing this, so I won’t repeat it.

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