A bathroom cabinet that knows how to store is a good bathroom cabinet

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-11-05

   An increasingly busy life + When more and more things are nowhere to be placed in the bathroom, there is often a lack of a bathroom cabinet that knows how to store it. Then, owning this bathroom vanity will store these objects reasonably and show the posture of the bathroom incisively and vividly.

   Then what style of bathroom cabinet is this? First of all, the style belongs to the Nordic style and the modern minimalist style. As long as you are inclined to these two styles of bathroom, then this bathroom vanity must be placed.

In the design of    bathroom vanity manufacturer, this bathroom cabinet uses the simplest design method of the moment to hide the function in the inner core, and does not show on the surface. The most complicated design is often the seemingly simple surface but some multi-functional design hidden in the inner core, so that the beauty and function are not mistaken.

   In terms of color, this bathroom cabinet uses pure natural solid wood, which not only restores the natural texture but also natural environmental protection and health. The color is uniform and the natural color of the log is maintained, making the bathroom cabinet look more precious.

   On the paint, this bathroom cabinet uses 7 times of spray paint, which is environmentally friendly and anti-cracking. 360-degree coverage to every corner of the product, from the wood color to the anti-corrosion project, try to perfect it to the fullest, so that the product service life will be longer.

   In terms of storage, breaking the traditional simple design concept, adding storage function to the main mirror, so that the main mirror is not just a standing mirror, but a mirror cabinet filled with soul to help storage. In life, this is undoubtedly the best storage design method. The main mirror uses copper-free environmentally friendly lenses, 7-layer optical imaging, clear imaging, farewell to the traditional water vapor blur mirror.

  In the design of the basin, an integrated basin is designed to make the cleaning spacious and comfortable. No matter how large the water outlet of the faucet is, the large basin can receive water without flowing out. The outside of the basin is designed with a side wall design, bid farewell to the traditional phenomenon of water splashing and making the bathroom wet.

   manufacturer Every detail of this bathroom cabinet reveals the brand’s original intention of focusing on products, and wants to give consumers the best products to use, so that consumers can use it comfortably, and make every bathroom encounter The small issues that come are discussed as major issues, and then design, so that consumers can use the most user-friendly products.

  The large storage space is now the most concerned issue of many consumers, and it is also the most needed bathroom cabinet in the family. Help storage, reduce troubles, this is the reason why everyone loves this bathroom cabinet.


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