5 points to pay attention to when buying bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-20

Pay attention to 5 key points when purchasing bathroom vanity. Point 1: material particle board: low price, but poor moisture resistance, not durable

  Multi-layer solid wood: moisture-proof [Good, many bathroom vanity use multilayer solid wood to make cabinet solid wood: oak is more commonly used, with good texture, texture, high density, corrosion resistance, and hard texture. Point 2: Bathroom counter basin

  The bathroom basin styles are divided into over-counter basin, under-counter basin, and one-piece basin. There will be gaps between the above counter basin and the under counter basin and the countertop, which is prone to mold and difficult to clean for a long time. However, the ceramic integrated basin has no gaps and is integrally formed to prevent water leakage and reduce dirt and dirt. It is relatively more practical!

  Point 3: mirror cabinet

  The masters know that there is never too much storage at home, and the restroom is the same. Installing the mirror cabinet can not only meet the storage requirements, but also achieve beautiful appearance; most of the storage items are stored in the mirror cabinet, and a small part of the cabinet is open for easier access.

  Point 4: faucet

  The faucet should be made of low-lead copper, avoid metal exceeding ~~~ standard. The valve core of the faucet should be ceramic spool, which is heat-resistant and wear-resistant, and is not easy to leak. In addition, the faucet should be equipped with a bubbler to make the water flow soft. Slowly and comfortably, the water does not splash!

  Point 5: size

   When choosing a bathroom cabinet, you must first determine the size of your own bathroom. The common size range of bathroom vanity length is 70cm-100cm, and the width is 45-50cm. Don't choose a bathroom cabinet that is too large for a small bathroom to avoid cramped bathroom space, generally 70cm-80cm is almost the same.

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