4 steps to install bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-11-09

   No. 1: Understanding the situation of the bathroom before the bathroom vanity is installed

   Before installing the bathroom cabinet, we must first understand the situation of the entire bathroom, where the hot and cold water inlets of the bathroom are installed, and the drainage pipes are installed with deep designs. We must understand clearly, except In addition, the installation of bathroom cabinets is generally after the ceiling, wall tiles, and floor tiles of the bathroom have been installed. The order of installing the bathroom cabinets cannot be wrong, otherwise the installation of other aspects will become very troublesome.

   No. 2: Tools needed to install bathroom cabinets

   Although the installation of bathroom vanity may not require us to do too much, but we prepare the required tools in advance, which can also save a lot of decoration time. Some tool installation workers will bring their own. However, some decoration tools are not available, so it is necessary for us to prepare them in advance for emergencies.

   No. 3: The order of installing bathroom cabinets

The installation sequence of    bathroom cabinets is generally to first connect the drain and faucet to the basin, and then install the cabinet. After the cabinet is installed, it is important to clean and glue to maintain aesthetics and moisture resistance. The next step is to install the mirror or mirror cabinet, and finally install the basin on the cabinet, so that a bathroom cabinet is installed.

   No. 4: Effect estimation after installation

   When we install bathroom cabinets, we usually have two options, one is wall-mounted bathroom cabinets, and the other is floor-standing bathroom cabinets. We have to estimate the installation according to the bathroom situation of our home Which form of bathroom cabinet will be more convenient and practical? When choosing and installing, it is estimated that it has a very important influence, which plays a very important role in the later use and convenience.


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